Bowflex Max Trainer vs Treadclimber- Best Amazon Reviews & Comparisons

Bowflex has been a long time leader in the fitness industry. Blending fitness science and market knowledge, they have come up with innovative workout options for the those with busy schedules.

The Bowflex TreadClimbers and Max Trainers are designed to provide optimum workout in less time. You get a thorough workout burning more calories than normal treadmills and elliptical. Both TreadClimbers and Max Trainers are top of the line machines but which one do you need?

Let’s compare both the fitness gadgets and find out which one is right for you.

TreadClimbers and Max Trainers: A Comparison of Crucial Features

The Bowflex TreadClimbers come with the tagline “Just Walk”. It’s all you do on the machine to burn calories rapidly in a low impact manner. While you cannot run on the TreadClimber, the results are similar to it. Your muscles are toned along with some good cardio workout and weight loss. With a usual walking speed, you can burn 2.5 times more calories than normal treadmills per minute. The TreadClimbers are perfect for those looking for low-intensity exercise. You can burn your calories, lose weight and gain energy without creating a harsh impact on your body.


The Treadclimber TC10 has the most reviews on Amazon. We recommend that if you buy this, you get it with expert assembly, otherwise, it’s very hard to put together. Keep in mind that the TC10 is an older model but will still do the trick, you just won’t have the extra specifications a new model has like the TC200.

The TC10



The TC200 is the more advanced model. Some of the advanced features include:

  • Free expert assembly on Amazon
  • Includes a program adapting heart rate monitor for maximum workout enhancement (not included in the TC10)
  • Allows for 4 user profiles instead of 1
  • 17 inches off the floor instead of 14 with the TC10 which allows for a safer workout environment
  • 3 year warranty instead of 2 year
  • More advanced programs

You can check the price on Amazon here for the TC200


Need something something a bit more intense?

Max Trainer M7 on Amazon (our recommendation)

Bowflex Max Trainers are meant for high-intensity exercises. The upper body is engaged with simulated running workouts at considerable speeds. Combining various workout methods, you can burn up to 2.5 more calories per minute. You engage in interval training with short periods of high-intensity activity followed by prolonged rest. It builds up stamina, strength, lung capacity and a strong heart.

The Max Trainer adopts an intensive approach which doesn’t stress your muscles or joints. It’s meant for people who are more interested in workout and keeping themselves fit and fine. For the working people, it’s the best solution for a moderate strength program.

Design and Functions

The TreadClimber comes with two narrow treadmill tracks cum pedals. You can adjust the pedals to a maximum incline of 40%. The moving belt on top gives you the walking exercise on a treadmill. The inclined pedal mimics the step climber while finishing your stride provides the elliptical workout.You get a nice control panel and display with user tracking, heart rate monitoring, and 5 workout programs (depending on your model). The TreadClimber mobile app is perfect for tracking and saving your progress and records.

The Max Trainer is designed for intensive workouts targeting various muscles and body areas. Instead of walking or running you step on the pedals for a butter smooth elliptical training. The upper body joins the fun with the moving arm bars. Depending on the model you can get 8, 16 or 20 levels of resistance levels for a full body workout.

The console sports a LED speedometer. Coupled with the streamlined designed, the whole fitness gadget has killer looks. The jet turbine resembling lower portion actually houses a fan which revolves as you pedal. A stylish way to torch the calories and build strength- how does that sound? You can link it up with the Max Trainer mobile app on Android or iOS.

ResultsBoth the machines provide excellent results when it comes to burning calories. The TreadClimber 30 minute exercise can rid you of 423 calories while for Max Trainer it’s more than 600 calories. (1)(2) But that’s normal considering the Trainer is much more intensive than the Climber.

With the TreadClimber you get nice cardio training at the comfort of your home. Different muscles like Tricep, back, calves, legs, abs, and glutes are also targeted. Overall, you get increased energy levels with a leaner body build with some sexy muscle tone.

The Max Trainer targets the shoulders, biceps, back, chest, quads and other muscles like the Climber. The 14-minute interval program is the secret to the 600 calorie burning mark set by it. The professional workout approach is adopted by athletes and well established for its results.

Lab results reveal that the Trainer engages 80% more upper body and core along with low placed muscles than an elliptical. Compared to the TreadClimber, it offers a more comprehensive and holistic training for your muscles and different body areas. Along with energy, you also build up enough strength and stamina.All these may sound tough, but even running at moderate pace creates 200% more impact than training on Max Trainer. So your body is not exhausted but full of energy after working out on Max Trainer.

Where to Buy The Max Trainer M7

There are other models out there, but we do not recommend getting an older model because of the poor quality. The lifetime of the older models is very short. This is why the M7 was added to the product line. The best place to buy the M7 with expert assembly is on Amazon. We highly recommend getting the expert assembly because it can be very difficult to put together yourself.


You need the TreadClimber if…

You just want to burn some calories or lose weight, the TreadClimber is a simple and perfect option that is available on Amazon. The low impact mode can be made a bit intensive with increasing the incline of the pedals. This is the most low impact option that is less intense.

Be sure to order with expert assembly.

You need the MaxTrainer if…

If you are one of those looking for a serious workout, then stop right here! The Max Trainer is still low impact yet intensive workout which burns a lot more calories than any other elliptical or treadmill. Apart from lower body muscles, almost the whole upper body is powered up during the workout. Perfect for strength training, Max Trainer is suitable for advanced athletes to regular chaps looking to get in shape. If you had to compare the 2, this one is slightly higher impact, but higher in intensity.

Again, we recommend Amazon with expert assembly.

The 14-minute interval workout is specially designed to cater to the modern generation with fast-paced life. With Max Trainer, you don’t need to compromise on fitness just because you don’t have time. Backed by research and lab testing, the results have proven to be far more efficient than other workout machines. So if you are serious about your training or workout, go for the Max Trainer.