Casper Vs. Purple Mattress – Which One Should You Buy?

Casper vs. Purple is yet another bog mattress battle. Casper is the mattress that revolutionized the industry, yet purple is the newest most raved mattress on the market. Is purple good enough to knock off the legendary Casper off the market? Is Casper good enough for the stiff competition by Purple? Keep reading to find the answer to these questions.

Casper mattress


It ranges between $550 and $950.


It is a two-tone cover, whose top is made using 100% polyester. The cover is also quite porous. The blends of these two qualities work hand in hand to offer a cool, sleeping surface. The cover’s bottom is also made of polyester, with its sides made from a mixture of polypropylene and polyester.


The 9.5” mattress is made of 4 separate layers

Top layer

It is a 1.5” of responsive poly foam. The layer offers a bouncy, cool and comfortable feel.

Second layer

The 1.5” memory foam layer is placed below the top layer to enhance the mattresses’ heat retention complications. It is this layer that contributes majorly to the mattresses’’ pressure relief and support.

Third layer

It is a 1.5” poly foam layer that is made to function as a transitional layer between the upper comfort and base foams.

Bottom layer

The 5.0” of support foam is the foundation of the Casper mattress and has a density of 1.8 PCF.

Support, feel and firmness

The Casper’s firmness ranges between 6 and 7; out of 10. The mattress is made to suit all types of sleepers and will adjust as per the user’s weight.

The mattress support is quite average, but the effect is counteracted by its top layer which offers excellent cooling and bounces effect.

Purple mattress


Its price ranges from $699 and $1,299, depending on the type you want.


Its cover is a combination of polyester, viscose, and polyester-lycra; in different proportions. The blend makes the cover quite breathable. You will also be glad to experience its soft texture and ability to stretch with ease. Sleepers enjoy a cool surface, thanks to this carefully designed cover.

Besides its excellent functionality, it also has impressive aesthetics. The cover is an incredible blend of both traditional and modern styles. The all-white cover offers a classic look, yet its diamond pattern gives it’s a modern look. The logo on the four sides of the mattress makes it look even more stylish.


It is a 9.5”, constructed from 3 distinct layers of foam and polymer. Like most mattresses, besides the two layers of foam, it has an addition of an extra layer of hyperelastic material.

First layer-it is a 2” layer of hyper elastic material, designed to offer outstanding cooling and pressure point relief. It is designed with a “smart-grid” technology that makes the surface comfortable and relaxed.

Middle layer-it is a 3.5” layer of the polyurethane polymer. Alongside the upper layer, it offers in-depth compression support for the heavy sleepers as well as transitional support.

Bottom layer-it is another 4” layer of polyurethane foam. It is the mattresses’ foundation.

Feel, firmness and support

It has a unique feel; which is at 6-6.5 out of 10. Its polymer material is similar to latex, yet has a unique feel from that of latex.

Regarding support, it is an excellent mattress

It is firm enough to maintain a stable spine alignment as well as total body support.

Benefits of Casper mattress

Lighter sleeping sensation

The many layers ensure that light sleepers do not feel as if they are trapped in the memory foam. This is mostly due to the top layer which usually increases its overall movability and bounce.

Medium to firm density

Considering that the firmness scale is inconsiderable, the second layer comes in handy, especially for heavy sleepers. It gives additional sinkage which increases its engagement with the harder foams.

Medium support

The mattresses’ support is quite average, an effect that is brought about by the top responsive layer. The layer also offers additional cooling effect and prevents heat retention thus enhancing the user’s experience.

Benefits of the Purple mattress

Enhanced movability

If you are scared of getting foam mattress because you think that it will keep you trapped, Purple will not give you this experience.

Medium firmness

It is higher above the firmness scale, but still within the accepted boundaries.

Enhanced cooling capability

If the bed temperature is something you are worried about, then you might want to purchase the Purple mattress.

Should you buy the Casper or the Purple?

By now, you must be asking this million-dollar question. While both mattresses are great, I would recommend the Casper. This is because it has four layers, making it ideal for all kinds of sleepers, whether heavy or light. Also, the manufacturer has been around for a while, so you are assured of quality. The price is also attractive as compared to the Purple mattress, which is quite costly.

When buying the Casper mattress, be sure to get it from Amazon. The site offers great deals and reliable; thus you are sure to receive it on time you place an order. You can also check out almost a thousand reviews on Amazon about the Casper Mattress as well.