Le-vel Thrive – What is it?

Le-vel Thrive is a multilevel marketing company. Hence, the reason for the term Le-vel for multi-level marketing. Network marketing companies like this have been around a long time.

Their flagship product is the thrive patch. There are multiple kinds that they use in their product line. Most of them can be categorized in to male and female patches.

Other Products

Thrive M

Thrive M is multivitamin for men that they offer. It’s nothing special and is used as an ancillary or supplemental product.

Thrive W

This is basically the same thing as Thrive M, but the female version.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix

This is protein powder. This is used and can be use to add to smoothies. This can also be used for post workout shakes.

Thrive’s Marketing Strategy

Back in 2013, Le-vel was created. There were 3 guys with an extensive marketing background who got together and decided to create a network marketing company with products in the health and wellness industry.

One of the biggest differences between Thrive Le-vel and other MLM companies is that they are pushing the name of the company very well. They understand that when people see the name everywhere, through the people underneath them who are independent, you are going to get a good reaction on the consumer side. 

If you have never heard of Thrive, you may be living under a rock. You can hear people talking about it and see in on bumper sticks of cars everywhere you go.

Online Reviews of Thrive

If you dig around on the internet and look for review of what Le-vel has done, you can clearly see that there has been plenty of work around their reputation. If you look at different websites that have customer reviews, they have a loyal following.

I believe that most of this because of the representatives of the company and people who are involved in the multi-level marketing side of the business. To put simply, the people who are reviewing Le-vel are the people who have a financial interest in doing so.

If someone is selling the thrive patch or other products that they offer, of course they are going to give the company a 5 star review. So whenever you buy any health product from a network marketing company, be sure to understand where the review is coming from.

Is it worth it?

If you get down to the brass tax of what Thrive Le-vel is doing, you will then understand that it’s number one goal is to make a profit. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as they are pushing products that will increase the well being of it’s consumers.

If you look at the review we did of the weight loss patch, you will understand that these products can help a lot when it comes to kick starting an exercise routine or getting into a healthy lifestyle. We endorse them.