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Leesa Mattress Coupon & Review –Buy Nectar Instead!


Imagine how strenuous it would be running a marathon or hiking the mountain without the right gear? Human beings spend a third of their lives sleeping and many do not have the right mattress. Studies show that your mattress affects your sleep quality and health. Sleeping on a wrong or an old and uncomfortable mattress causes the lower back pain and a crick on your neck.

Should I buy Leesa or Nectar Mattress? The debate will not end anytime soon but Nectar mattress takes the day.

For starters, let us admit that coupons are life savers. Sadly, the Leesa mattress company does not offer coupons to its clients. Meanwhile, Nectar mattresses have a coupon worth $100 off and come with two pillows for free. Here is reason why you should purchase the high-quality and comfortable Nectar mattress.

Why Should You Ditch Leesa Mattress For The Nectar

Nectar mattress is the latest luxury foam mattress on the market. It is the comfiest mattress, made from the best material selling at an affordable price. Here are few reasons why you should invest in the Nectar mattress. 

  • Materials and its construction

Unlike the inferior Leesa material, Nectar has four layers. The first layer is one inch of quilted from designed to release the pressure points, improve airflow, and offers a soft and a luxurious feel while sleeping on it.

It also has a 4lb layer of patented plush foam and semi-open fast recovery gel memory foam. It offers primary support to the person sleeping and helps in comforting and cooling.

The 3-inch transition layer of 3lb medical grade cooling gel, which is embedded to the transitional layer of support from the layers, helps cool the mattress.

It has a 6” foundation layer of high -density foam that gives compression support and acts as a foundation.

The mattress cover is made from a soft and long staple material that is absorbent and cool. It is also bedbug free resistant, allows air circulation throughout the layers, and improves circulation and airflow. The cover is replaceable at no cost.

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  • Firmness

People feel firmness differently depending on the weight and size distribution. Although there is an initial softness on the mattress, it has medium firmness to it. The layers are quilted which offers great relief and pressure especially for side sleepers.

The transitional layers are firm enough to support any weight. Side sleepers get the support they need without hitting the base layer.

  • Motion pressure

For those who share a bed, you will feel the disturbance and movement made by your partner when they toss and turn a night. Fortunately, the Nectar mattress has memory foam that minimizes such disturbances. It isolates the motion transfer and the quilted covers keep the disturbance on the low.

  • Works with all bed types

Nectar mattress works best on all bed types ranging from the box spring to the adjustable bases to the traditional frames.

  • Designed for better sleep

It is a comfortable mattress that sells at an affordable price. It is designed to promote a good night sleep. The temperature control technology prevents overheating.

The medium-firm memory foam offers perfect support regardless of the sleeping position.

It is designed to keep out bedbugs and dust mites.

  • Easy to carry

Nobody wants the hassle of carrying a bulky mattress that makes it hard to maneuver the stairs and corners. However, Nectar is compressible, less bulky, and has a protective carrier with handles.

  • Caring for the mattress

Unlike Leesa and other mattress, Nectar requires no flipping. However, the manufacturer advises that you rotate the mattress once or twice a year to prevent excess sagging or wearing down.

Use cool water and a mild dish detergent to clean and remove any stains and dirt. For best results, always use gentle circular motions and NEVER rub.

  • Durability

Thanks to Nectar’s high-quality materials and meeting all the industry standards, the mattress has a longer life span. It is assembled using imported materials and stands out in the category of memory foam mattresses.

  • Manufacturer’s guarantee

The manufacturer offers a 365 days night risk-free sleep trial. There is a 100 percent money back guarantee too. If the mattress does not meet your specifications for whatever reason, contact the company, they will arrange the pickup, and get your refund 100 percent.

Nectar’s warranty covers quality, durability, its construction, and materials forever. It is specific to the original purchaser only. For the first five years of ownership, owners receive full replacement for free if the mattress is defective.

The mattress has a better rating compared to other foam mattresses that come at a higher price. It has all the features you would want in a mattress ranging from comfort, construction, design, and other extra benefits. Get your $100 coupon off and two pillows for free.

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