Life Shotz Review

Life Shotz is a product that was is produced by a company called “Life Matters” and claims to bring health and wellness to all who are associated and take their products. The biggest push is that it is all natural. I’m going to cover exactly what the claims are, what is true, what is false, and most of all, if this product is worth it or not. I personally test every product I review for at least 60 days in order to see if it’s worth it’s weight.

LifeShotz in box

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Personally I couldn’t say enough as to how awesome this multivitamin is, but I will go through how I came to this conclusion.


This supplement is a multivitamin mix that comes in a handy packet that you can pour into any bottle anywhere. It’s very easy to take the supplement because it is available in powder packets and pill packet form.

Many different people from all walks of life claim to take the product such as amatuer tennis players, flight attendants, accountants, and even professional athletes. Most of them claim that this supplement has improved their concentration, energy levels, and even get rid of their jet lag.

The science behind Life Shotz is that it goes into the mitochondria of your cells and repairs the walls of those cells. This means that the cells in your body are constantly being recharged because you are taking in the vital ingredients that the supplement provides for your biology. Because of this constant recycling of free radicals and toxins, this in turn gives you the energy and the elevated mood that everyone talks about while taking it.

Life Shotz Ingredients

This supplement has a very interesting blend of ingredients that I’ve never seen in a multivitamin. I believe that because the blend that it has, it gives your body a unique opportunity to respond to the supplement. Because of the drastic amount of nutrients and vitamins that are lost in our everyday food, having a dense mix of these ingredients is paramount. This is exactly what the product does.

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Life Shotz infographic

Since there are quite a few ingredients that make up the product, I’m going to go through the essential ones that really make it stand out to just about any multivitamin out there.


Fibersol is a dietary fiber that is based off of plants. This specific component lays the foundation because it allows all of the other nutrients to be absorbed. It’s a proprietary fiber that is more effective than any other type out there.


Essentially, N-Acetyl Cysteine is an element that detoxifies the body. By ingesting this substance you are giving your body a chance to produce more antioxidants. You can think of this as giving ammunition to your own immune system.


A substance that naturally occurs in many healthy vegetables and superfoods. Malic Acid is part of a complex and important piece of the production of ATP, which is the main factor in energy production. Just this substance alone will increase energy but can be boosting by adding other substances that Life Shotz already has.

To learn more about the essential ingredients we believe you should have in your diet, visit our homepage.

My Experience and Testing

The experiments that I always run go for about 60 days and I make sure to use the scientific method and account for all variables. As soon as I changed my diet to adopt this vitamin mix, I noticed a change in perception, energy, focus levels and mood as well all within the first week.

Usually when testing out and introducing a new substance, I have to give it 1 to 2 months before their is any noticeable change, I believe that because of the proprietary blends and mixes that they have within it, I was able to feel the positive change much quicker.

On the 6th day in my journal, I wrote the following:

6:43 AM – “Today I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm clock rang at 6:30. I’m noticing that I’m not as groggy as I usually am when I wake up. Within a couple of seconds I felt wide awake and happy to be up rather than lay around in bed and I’m already eating breakfast as I write. I’m excited for the day and feel refreshed. Today is definitely a noticeable difference as opposed to the last few days I had to hit the snooze button 5 times.”

On the 12th day, I wrote the following:

7:29 PM – “I just finished my cooldown from my usual run. I’m amazed at how long I was able to go for. Usually after a mile I’m done, but today I ran 3. I just felt like I could keep going and wasn’t tired. I’m hoping that this newfound energy is here to stay.”

As the days went on, I kept feeling better and better about this supplement and have ordered more. This is definitely one that I will stay on and continue to use.

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