Male Extra Reviews

Before you even think about buying Male Extra, you need to read this review to see if it is even going to work for you.

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There are TONS of Male Extra Reviews

But how do you know which one is legit and which ones are just fake? That is exactly what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to separate the good from the bad, the fact from the fiction, and really get you to understand exactly if this supplement is something that you should be taking.

What is it?

Male Extra is a sexual health supplement specifically for men. If you are a woman, you do not want to take this supplement! But keep in mind that if you do the research for your male partner, this could be something to take your life in the bedroom to the next level and lead to your relationship being enhanced.

Right now, in the male health space, this product is considered the number one product to help men with their “issues”. It has been claimed to have the most “Potency” out there and does have any side effects.

It not only helps for that “one time” when things just “aren’t going right”, but it also helps with overall health. By taking it regularly, they claim, you can put yourself in a great situation for sexual and reproductive health.

So it is worth it to be taking these things and does it positively affect your health for the better? Let’s De-Mystify this thing in 2 minutes:

Reviewing the Male Extra Supplement Line


There is a TON of controversy over supplement products like this. It’s difficult to sort out the good from the bad and many people are put off by this. Many old wives tales have surrounded the “problems in the bedroom” and have presented countless solutions.male extra with lady

So why don’t we know what works for sure?

The truth is:

No 2 bodies on this planet work the same. That’s why it’s important to do your own research and compare one thing to another. Evaluating the pros and cons of anything is a good way to go.


The interesting thing about these enhancement pills is the fact that they have a variety of ingredients that covers the whole spectrum biological variation. This means that 95% of the people who use it will see a positive response! Again, don’t take my word for it.. Take a look at the ingredients that make up the unique blend.

Main Ingredientsmale extra bottle

Epimediaum sagittatumhorny goat weed

Epimediaum is a natural herb that is a genus of flowering plants that come from the plant family of Berberidaceae.  Which has around 700 species of well-known plants. Originally this compound came from China. It, in particular, has potent effects on the male sex organ and the strength of phallus.

This particular compound is also known as “Horny Goat Weed” because of the discovery of it. A farmer had been tending to his goats and came across this flower in it’s natural form. The goats he was tending to and shepherding had found a large bunch of it and had they had started to eat a lot of it. The farmer had noticed that the goats had been extremely sexually active for the rest of the day and this continued on for about a week.

Maca extract

maca root
Maca Root

Originally discovered in Peru, Maca is often used as a stand alone for supplementing your diet in order to gain sexual health. When taken alone, it takes a few days to feel the effects. But, once it has had time to enter your system, it will last a long time and have more of a long term effect. This means that you don’t have to worry about taking a pill every time before you want to “get busy”.

Pomegranate ellagic acidpomegranite

Ellagic acid, especially when it comes from Pomegranate is the ultimate ingredient in order to maintain prostate health. You might be asking yourself, “What does my prostate have to do with anything?” And the answer is, your prostate supports male sexual health. If your prostate doesn’t function properly, you could potentially harm yourself if you take other artificial size enhancers. This ingredient essentially puts a protective shield over your organ so that you can function at 100% capacity.

Zinczinc powder

This is another mineral that supports your overall organ function. It is essential to male health and very helpful for “recovery” during the good times that you have with your partner.


Niacin helps with blood flood. Whenever you take niacin, it has the effect of dilating your blood vessels, which obviously helps with erection. Make sure to drink plenty of water so that your blood can be maintained. Always stay hydrated, especially during sex.

Tongkat ali extractTongkat ali extract

This ingredient is also called Eurycoma longifolia. This is a flower plant that can be located in eastern countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. The extract is taken from the root of the plant and has the overall effects of an aphrodisiac.

Pros and Cons

male extra comparisonProsgreen check mark

  • More Control
    • Many users report that after taking the Male Extra that they have a lot of control of when they “finish”. This means that they can last longer and manipulate exactly when the perfect time to complete the job is. This also means that they can take the time to explore what their partner wants. By doing this, their relationships have improved because of their ability to care for and explore their partners wants and needs.
  • Hardness
    • Many users have reported being very firm. More firm than they have ever been before. This is evidence that the special blend the supplement has works well. They also report that it is easy to get up and it often happens very quickly while they are taking the supplement. No problems on this topic have ever been reported.
  • Increased Size Overall
    • Even while sitting around the house, users have reported a permanent increase in size while “up” and also while “down”. This means that even after a short time using, users experienced a permanent increase in size. Some use this supplement for about 6 months just to get that extra reach.
  • No Side Effects
    • Since the supplement blend is completely natural, the side-effects are almost completely zero. This means that you can take it daily and give yourself a boost to do the deed if needed, whenever you need it. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle. At most, you will experience some skin tingling from the niacin and blood flow.

Consred check mark

  • New to the market
    • While this supplement has had outstanding results, it is still relatively new and is still being tested by users. You will want to make sure you take it for a few months to guarantee that you are feeling all of the effects. Because the company knows this, they offer a sixty day (60) money back guarantee so you don’t have to risk your money when getting a hold of it.
  • Pill form only
    • Some people really like to take their supplements in powder form because of the ease of use. Unfortunately, they do not offer a powder form that you can mix in with your drinks at this time.
  • Cost
    • Because of how effective this supplement is, a lot of money must have been spent on it in order to make it what it is today. Therefore, the cost is most likely going to be a bit more that other supplements because of all the research and development that went into actually making it work for people.

A Word Of Caution

Not all feedback is positive for the supplement. Most men experience all of the great things outlined above and all of the benefits, but a small majority don’t. It affects everyone in different ways, but for a small majority, it doesn’t work as well as the rest. Each person has a different biological system, so reactions are naturally different.

In order to get the most out of Male Extra, be sure to:

  • Drink plenty of water, (3/4 of a gallon a day is best)
  • Get plenty of sleep (8-10 hours depending on how rested you feel)
  • Eat clean and healthy foods rich is healthy fats

By doing these things you will set yourself up for the best experience.

Where To Buy

Because of how new this product is, you cannot find this product on Amazon or mainstream retailers because the distribution channels are not set up yet.male extra buy now

Important Information:

Right now, the most reliable place you can go in order to buy the product is the company site. They ship it in very private packaging so that nobody will know what it is when it arrives in the mail. I have included a link below for your convenience. Only a few other websites can sell it legally, but I’ve taken the time to find it for the cheapest price possible.

It’s recommended to buy at least a 2 month supply so you don’t have to worry about resupplying and you also get a discount because of buying in bulk.

Below are a few coupon codes, reliable websites, and discounts you can use to make sure you don’t get scammed:

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