Mandibular Advancement Device Reviews – Which One Should You Buy?

We are in the 21st century, where snoring issues can be managed easily using the array of available snoring devices. It is also true that snoring can destroy relationships, so one ought to choose the right mandibular advancement device. With the many tools available in the market, making this decision is difficult especially if you lack the know-how.

That is why we came up with this review, having had first-hand experience with these three devices.


You will like

-Its hinges

A significant advantage of the ZQuiet is that it has a hinge at the back, which makes it more comfortable than other devices. The “springiness” keeps it intact throughout the night, thus maintain its effectiveness. It is this hinge that serves as a connection between the upper and the lower pieces, thus making it a two-piece yet compact device. The fantastic feature allows you to yawn while in bed waiting to fall asleep, breathe naturally and drink water.

Fitting process

Its simplicity makes it difficult for the wearer to mess up. You can quickly wear your ZQuiet since the makers have made it as a one-size-fits-all. Therefore, if it does not fit you right, all you need to do is to trim it to your size.

-It’s lightweight

Other “boil and bite” devices have the demerit of being bulky, something you will not experience with ZQuiet.

-Comes in two sizes

For the cost of the device, you get two different sizes. Each fits a different level of jaw advancement. Size A is ideal for mild snorers while size B suits severe snorers.

-Easy to clean

You will only need a toothbrush and dish soap to keep it clean.

-Value for money

Where to Buy

You can try ZQuiet for 30 days at $9.95 only. After a 30-day trial period, you may either return it for no cost or pay $79.95 if you want to keep it.

You will not like

-Lack of ease in adjustment

When it comes to mouthpieces, adjustment is of great importance. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust this one.


You will like

-Custom Fit

It is a boil and bite device, thus making it fit comfortably in the mouth and stay in place throughout the night. You can refit snoreRx up to three times, so that you may create an ideal impression of the device.

-1-millimeter increments

Unlike other mandibular advancement devices, snoreRx enables the user to adjust the jaw by 1-millimeter adjustments. No other device has this feature. You can easily see the number it is set at, making the adjustment much more manageable.


The manufacturer claims that it can last between 11 and 15 months, which is longer than the durability of similar devices in the market.

You will not like

You will get snoreRx at $129 if you buy from a physical store and at $99 if you buy it online. Considering that you can get similar devices for less than that, snoreRx can be said to be a bit pricey so we do not have a good recommendation on where to buy it.


Its design makes cleaning difficult and time-consuming.


You will like

-Fitting process

It uses the boil-and-bite fitting procedure that helps realize a custom fit.

-Value for money

Just like ZQuiet, SleepTight also offers a thirty day trial period for $9.95. If you do not like it, you will not be charged to return. However, once you keep it, you have to pay for it entirely.

-Easy to clean

All you need is a toothbrush and mild soap.

You will not like


Unfortunately, SleepTight is just like a regular mouthpiece-nothing special. Considering the tight competition in the market, the manufacturers ought to have brought some uniqueness in the design.

Where to Buy

You can get a 30 day trial for $9.95 from their website. This is the best option we found.

SleepTight vs. Snorerx vs. ZQuiet

The three devices have FDA clearance and all use BPA approved materials. Snorerx is quite costlier than the other two, making it less attractive for buyers who are on a budget. Although SleepTight and ZQuiet have similar payment terms, ZQuiet is much more superior with regards to its quality.

Which is the best?

I would recommend ZQuiet because it is comfortable, soft and flexible. The device allows users to keep their mouths slightly open; thus it is ideal for mouth breathers. It is also lose-fit and easy to clean. ZQuiet is the most superior. We have found the best place to order it is from the ZQuiet website.