Nectar vs Leesa Mattress Comparison and Review

The BIG “Vs” Face Off

Choosing a mattress is a very important decision. It only comes around every once in a while and you want to be sure you select the right one. There are certain things you must look out for and watch to make sure you don’t buy the wrong one, otherwise you will spend nights tossing and turning, not getting good sleep, and knowing that you paid a lot of money for a mattress that keeps you up at night!

Don’t worry, if you read this guide, we can show you exactly what mattress we recommend between these 2. Just pay attention and we’ll guide you to the perfect one. (and also show you how to get a discount)


This mattress has been around for some time. It’s more of an older brand that people know about. Since it has been around longer in the industry, they will charge higher prices because of brand recognition. This does not mean that it’s a better product.


The Necrtar mattress was designed years after the Leesa, so you can expect better technology and innovation from this mattress. For example, the layers are put together with more thought and give better support and cushion. They are organized in a way that help distribute motion, which will give you a more natural night’s sleep. This mattress is thicker, weighs less, and costs less than the Leesa Mattress.

The Winner

Overall, these 2 are similar in design with 1 that has a major superior factor over other. Not excluding the overall higher quality of the Nectar mattress, since they are a new brand, they offer a coupon code that will give you $100 off and 2 free pillows. This is why we highly recommend the Nectar over Leesa.