Orgain VS Vega Protein Powder – Which one is Superior?

If you are into workouts, you know what protein is. And probably what whey protein is too. The basic concept here is that since you work out, you stress your muscles. By making them work a little bit beyond their normal limits, you induce a repair and rebuild process. This process needs proteins and amino acids to work properly.

Up until now, whey protein used to be the de-facto standard in all gyms. But as research progresses in this field, more products are entering the arena, which is tailor-made for specific people. In this article, we compare two prominent brands – Orgain and Vega, to help you choose the best.

Orgain: Is it better?

Orgain (organic gain?) boasts of organic, vegan nutritional products. Orgain claims that none of their products contain any traces of animal protein in it. According to the owners, the products do not contain soy, gluten, GMO, artificial colors or preservatives. They also do not contain any additional sweeteners and are certified organic by the Kosher, except their Slim Powder and Superfoods Powder.

They offer shakes, edible bars, and powders with different flavors to reach a wide audience. According to Orgain, their powders are free from grit, and instead induce a rich, creamy flavor. They also keep grass-fed whey protein products: a powder and a drink.

According to Orgain, their ingredients are USDA approved. They claim to import their ingredients from New Zealand directly, which is free from hormone-induced growths, pesticides, and herbicides.

Vega: What’s Special About It?

Vega is another brand to claim that its products are made from plant-based matter. In fact, they openly advise people to incorporate ‘vegan’ products in their lifestyles.

Their products, according to their website, are entirely made of plant-based proteins. The organic protein contains BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids). These are supposed to activate certain enzymes post workout, which complements protein synthesis, as opposed to whey.

Vega products have been segregated according to the lifestyle and age group, as well as workout styles. They stock different powders, bars, and drinks just as other brands do. Ordinarily, most brands stop at those three products. Vega goes further and provides supplements, gels, shakers, bottles, books, accessories and well as bundle packs to choose from.

And this is where Vega begins to shine over Orgain. Their product range is more diverse with different categories of powders, shakes, smoothies, and bars. They have more flavors to choose from than the standard three or four from Orgain. The prices are more or less the same.

Vega has taken the interaction with their customer base to the next level by inviting users to post their recipes, meals, and health or workout tips on their website. And all this information is free, compared to the compulsory account needed on Orgain website.

The Superior Winner is…

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Overall, the description of Vega’s products and the amount of information on their usage trumps Orgain’s efforts to come out as an authentic organic health. You know just what you’re bargaining for, and what to expect.

We recommend buying Vega supplements on Amazon over anywhere else. This way you can look at the reviews before trying one of their products.