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What is it?

Prodovite is the leading product of Victory Nutrition International, Inc. with it’s main headquarters in Pennsylvania. Prodovite is supplement with unique VMP35 technology that is encapsulated in a liposome of Soy Lecithin Phospholipid. This is the latest technology in nutritional delivery. This is why you will learn later that it is in liquid form. Check out other reviews as well.

×!WARNING! – Before you even look at buying, you are going to want to read our conclusion below, you won’t believe what we found out about this product and this company! See our conclusion below. – !WARNING!

Where to Buy Prodovite

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The use of the new technology allows for phospholipid transportation of molecules that create what they call  ‘carrier spheres’ that surround the different nutrients. This means that the nutrients are shuttled across your whole digestive system, allowing for the best bio-availability absorption possible. Because of this complex delivery system, the nutrients needed for your body to operate at optimal levels become absorbed at a faster and more efficient rate. This, in turn, allows you to feel way better than taking any other traditional supplement. This proves to be true when you see the blood transformation in the video below. Excellent Prodovite reviews will give you insight into how it works specifically. This is what we want to address here in a big way.

Every wonder why other supplements feel like you are just taking a sugar pill? The reason is because you don’t have a proper nutrient delivery system. Most other vitamin and nutrient supplementation is great for you. But, most supplements also don’t have a delivery system that gives you the ingredients you need. This renders these other pills and powders useless. Having any extra nutrients in liquid form is a must.

The most unique thing about this supplement is the fact that it changes the blood so quickly. Only a few minutes after taking Prodovite, you can see that your blood changes right before your eyes. They did an under the microscope observation of the blood before and after taking Prodovite.

Reviews of Prodovite Ingredients

The herbal ingredients below are called Phytosil TM. This is a unique blend of tested phytonutrients and several botanical extracts that have profound effects on immune health and overall wellness. These herbal ingredients have been for used millenniums in traditional Chinese and Persian medicine. This is what makes Prodovite so unique.

Astragalus (Root) Extract

There is almost undisputed evidence pointing to astragalus as beneficial for our immune system, heart, and liver. Some researchers have come to the conclusion that it can even help fight and prevent things. These studies are still inconclusive. Astragalus acts on “stress response mediators” promoting a better immune response from our bodies. In essence, Astragalus takes the sting out of mental and physical stress by creating a biological boundary between cortisol and your organs.

Fo Ti (Root) Extract

Fi Tu us used in traditional Chinese medicine as a liver and kidney tonic to increase longevity. The Fo Ti root extract is rich in lecithin, which is a compound responsible for decreasing cholesterol levels and preventing fat retention. Because of these effects, it helps prevent the aging process.

Decaf Green Tea (Leaf) Extract

Green Tea has a high content of polyphenols, which are responsible for powerful antioxidant properties. These polyphenols, like flavonoids are a potent anti-inflammatory. Many of the health benefits associated with green tea intake have been confirmed in scientific research studies on humans. It is known that free radicals play an important role in the general aging of our bodies and a large list of chronic diseases. Green Tea can reduce the formation of free radicals because of its potent antioxidant effect, protecting cells and molecules from damage. Also, Green Tea can improve brain function and increase fat burning capabilities.

Chamomile (Flower) Extract

Chamomile is known as the relaxation ingredient. Many teas are infused with chamomile in order to promote relaxation and concentration. People have said that chamomile is the well-being ingredient that people take in order to feel at peace.

Side Effects & Conclusion Reviewprodovite blood before and after

Overall, Prodovite can help boost your immune system while providing a reliable antioxidant source. You can rest assured that this product will fulfill your daily vitamins and minerals requirements. Many people experience profound changes in energy and mood. Because of the advanced vitamin and mineral complex, this product functions as an overall biological enhancer, meaning it keeps your natural systems running healthy which inevitably gives you more energy and faster recovery from any type of mental or physical stress.

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