Purple Mattress Coupon Code & Pillow

The Purple Mattress Seems to be taking the mattress world by storm. If you have been anywhere on Youtube, you have probably seen the video with the lady wearing old style clothes explaining that if you can break an egg on a mattress, it isn’t a good mattress.

The Bottom Line On The Purple Mattress: NOT A GOOD MATTRESS (see our recommendation)

The claims that the company makes about it are simply out of line with what you need for a good nights sleep. They claim to be different than other mattresses, but in essence they are more close to a standard mattress that most.

The Purple Pillow

The pillow is the exact same design as the bed itself. Because the quality just isn’t there, we recommend buying the Nectar Mattress and using this link to get $125 off as well as 2 pillows. That’s cheaper than just the Purple Mattress alone!

The Better Mattress WITH Coupon Code:

Don’t worry, we recommend a superior bed: The Nectar Sleep Mattress and have a coupon code for it as well.

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