Texas Superfood Capsules Review – My Complete 30 Day Experience

Texas Superfood Capsules Review – My Complete 30 Day Experience

Hi guys, James again. Today I’ll be talking about a new supplement that I’ve been trying for the last 30 days or so, it’s called Texas Superfood. If you haven’t heard of it, it is an all green, whole food dietary enhancement made by NuPlexa. It’s made with 55+ of different ingredients including vegetables, fruit, grasses, herbs, digestive enzymes, and algae. It’s a product designed by Dr Dennis Black, who is a natural medicines specialist.

I was able to buy mine off Amazon.com. This was the place where I could find it at the lowest price and it still comes directly from the company that makes it. I made sure to do my research on this. 

Texas Superfood comes in both the form of capsules and powder. I opted for the capsules since there’s no measuring involved, making it simpler for my daily routine. The product has gotten a lot of hype, hopefully this Texas Superfood review will help those who are looking into it more. Let’s get started!

A Closer Look At Ingredients

What initially interested me are the ingredients that are in the Texas Superfood capsules. We talked about its well-rounded mixture of fruits, vegetables, and greens but it also contains about nine different types of digestive enzymes, which are great at aiding the body when it comes to breaking down food and heightening your metabolism. But let’s talk a little about what Texas Superfood doesn’t have.

The product is completely free of gluten, soy, pesticides, binders, synthetic fillers, chemicals, or artificial flavors. It’s kind of unbelievable how natural this product is. It’s recommended for kids and I believe it is even vegan-friendly. It has less than a gram of sugar (amazing) and doesn’t have stimulants such as caffeine in it like other supplements on the market, which is great if you don’t want to have jitters throughout the day. Overall, Texas Superfood claims to be a healthy intake of all the nutrients you need from vegetables and fruits but without all the sugar, salt, water, and pulp.

Positive Changes To The Mind

When I first started taking the capsules, I was a little skeptical of the results. The label is a bit confusing, although all the ingredients are natural, the exact amount of each nutrient you’re getting isn’t exactly clear. At any case, I was excited to see the changes it would have on my body.

About two weeks in, I was pleasantly surprised to start seeing changes to my mind as well, which I didn’t expect at all! I was beginning to think more clearly, I was in a better mood, even my friends and family started to see the difference. Within a few weeks, I started to sleep better, felt restful day after day, and had more energy. I’m typically a person who has low energy in the mornings, I blamed this on getting older and found myself struggling throughout the workday even when getting 7+ hours of sleep. And yet Texas Superfood has made me feel less stressed, calmer, and has improved my overall mentality by enhancing it within a short month. I almost can’t believe it. I noticed I could focus more, which it has definitely improved my overall work habits and lifestyle.

Changes to My Body  

After taking Texas Superfood for the past 30 days, I’ve felt less bloated and actually started wanting to get off of the couch more. Like I said before, I started to have more energy to do the things I wanted to do, while at the same time getting all the nutrients and vitamins I needed.

Texas Superfood started to curb my appetite as well; I started to reach for healthier options where I would have originally been looking for cheat food. My digestive system has definitely improved in the long run from the short time I’ve been using the Texas Superfood capsules.

The good news, or the even better news I should say, is Texas Superfood has more Vitamin C and A than any other competitor. I noticed I wasn’t getting sick; at least not as often I had been in the past. Even little things started to change. It sounds kind of silly, but I swear my skin has started looking clearer and my hair is beginning to look healthier. It’s even started to shine a bit more.

Over the month I even lost a bit of weight, about 2-3 pounds. This is probably due to the increase metabolism power this product has. Although that isn’t what I was originally looking for, it’s definitely a plus, especially for those who are looking forward to losing a few extra lbs.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, I’d definitely recommend trying Texas Superfood, at least for a few weeks or until you truly start to see the difference to your body. It’s starting to become my go-to product that I plan to use daily. I’m even considering trying the Texas Superfood Powder for more versatility. Apparently, each scoop is about twenty calories and has no fat. I didn’t have a problem with the taste as much as others who have reviewed the Texas Superfood products. Taking it with an organic juice or smoothie is highly suggested though.

This product is truly a super food supplement. The package contains about 180 capsules for the price of $56.95, which is a little pricey but well worth it. This is the lowest price I could find. It’s not an invasive product at all, you take two pills about three times a day, preferably with food, and that’s all there is to it! I feel great, it may sound cliché but I haven’t felt this great mentally or physically in a while.

If you do decide to try this product, I guarantee you won’t regret it. I’d considered it a valuable investment with life-changing results. Texas Superfood definitely knows what it’s doing.