Thrive DFT Duo Patch Review – Does it work?

DFT Duo Patch Review

With so many different weight loss and weight management supplements on the market, it is hard to imagine that there is anything new under the sun. However, the Thrive DFT Duo weight management patch is certainly one of the most innovative weight supplement products ever put on the market.

DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology and is the best-selling flagship product of the nutrition professionals at Le-Vel. The basic science behind the Thrive DFT patch is that this patch fuses to the skin or epidermis in order to transfer Duo’s key ingredients to the body. These ingredients are supposed assist in weight management, control appetite, and increase energy during exercise routines.

Types Of Thrive Patches

Swipe on mobileThrive Premium Lifestyle DFT

THRIVE Plus - DFT Ultra

Thrive Plus DFT DUO

Thrive Black Label

Colors and Designs Available
Blue, CAMO, CAMO Pink, Purple, IAM (design), WILD (design- leopard print), Holiday Edition (limited edition)
Purple, IAM (design), WILD (design- leopard print), Holiday Edition (limited edition)
1 Design- 2 pieces
Black (design)
-Weight Management
-Mental Acuity
-Supports Appetite Management
-Derma Fusion Technology
-Supports Energy & Circulation
-Increased Bioavailability
Upgrade from the Premium Lifestyle DFT - 82% larger Fusion surface for maximum delivery throughout the day.
Designed to put on in 2 places of your body. Helps distribution of nutrients. Used if the normal DFT Ultra is too intense.
Designed for males to use in conjunction with Thrive Capsules and Thrive Lifestyle Mix powder.
Pricing (approximate)
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How to Get The Thrive DFT Patch for the Lowest Price:

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The DFT Duo goes for about $74
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This product is among many well selling items offered by the company and is an upgrade from the original DFT product which offered only a single patch to place anywhere on the body. This particular upgrade is purported to provide twice the efficacy and nutritional absorption of its predecessor. Most of Le-Vel’s products are focused on developing a healthy lifestyle through weight management and nutritional supplementation.

With that in mind, this Thrive DFT Duo patch review aims to provide consumers with the critical information they need to make a well-informed decision about moving forward with the Duo to improve their health and ultimately their standard of living. Here is a list of benefits and difficulties associated with the patch:


Targeted Success

The DFT Duo can be placed on any two parts of the body. This lets consumers to determine which parts of the body will allow for the best absorption of the product. The patch can be replaced to any other part of the body to change results.


Because of the patch design of the DFT Duo, it is more convenient than having to mix drinks, blend smoothies or take pills. The smoothies especially can take a great deal of time to prepare. Cutting vegetables and pitting the cores of apples or avocados can potentially take away time that could be spending working out, swimming, or running. It’s extremely easy and simple just to slap on your thrive patch and get going. This is a huge advantage.


With oral supplements, drinks, and other foods, the body tends to metabolize them all at one time and very quickly. With the Duo patch, it steadily and continuously delivers energy and appetite suppression throughout the workout regimen. This is especially beneficial to consumers who are training for a marathon, triathlon, or perhaps those who are on a rigorous hike and need unremitting stamina to be delivered to the body.

Multiple Functions

While the Thrive DFT Duo is designed for those looking to improve their workout and exercise, the DFT Duo can be worn all day for general energy, nutritional upkeep, and appetite suppression. Those who are looking to curb their food intake even before starting a rigorous workout routine will benefit from the convenience of the patch.

Key Ingredients

The Thrive DFT Duo has a 11 natural and innovative key ingredients that make up Le-Vel’s proprietary blend. These key ingredients are all chosen in order to maximize the efficacy of the DFT Duo and guarantee results for the consumer. Here is a more detailed look at each ingredient:


This particular ingredient is listed first and is likely the most prominent ingredient in the patch. ForsLean is the market name for the supplement coleus forskohlii. This supplement acts as a leaning agent to provide weight loss. According to a 12-week study in 2005, ForsLean prevented the cohort from gaining any extra weight. While the study did not document any weight loss, it proved that Forslean is an efficacious supplement for weight management – which is what the Thrive DFT Duo claims to accomplish.

Chlorogenic Acid

More popularly known as green bean coffee extract, this ingredient is sure to appeal to consumers who respond more positively to coffee as a source of energy. Green bean coffee extract has become an increasingly trendy source of energy. In drinks and food, it provides the energy typically found in coffee without having the traditional coffee flavor. In fact, according to a 2014 study involving a cohort of 20 participants, green bean coffee extract was found to be more effectual in increasing energy and stamina than traditional black coffee. The study also documented lower cortisol levels, lower overall body mass index (BMI), lower blood pressure and improved elasticity of blood vessels as well as a reduction in abdominal fat tissue.


Also known as Tetrahydropiperine (THP), this particular ingredient is a proprietary supplement produced and patented by a company called Sasbina. According to Sasbina, Cosmoperine is explicitly designed to increase epidermal absorption of substances. More specifically, it is engineered to increase skin absorption of Forslean. Having said that, there is not much else that is known about this supplement other than it is probably the most important ingredient in regards to the patch’s main purpose, which is skin absorption or fusion of the DFT Duo’s other ingredients. Without Cosmoperine, the patch would probably not be able to deliver on its claims.

Garcina Cambogia

This ingredient has received great reviews and a wealth of scientific studies have more definitively proved its efficacy. Garcina Cambogia, otherwise known as Glycine or hydroxy citric acid (HCA) is a natural leaf extract with purported abilities to increase weight loss and lower cholesterol in the plasma. According to a 10-week study, Garcina Cambogia did lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the participants and those who received a placebo saw no change in LDL levels. Furthermore, Garcina Cambogia HDL-C lipids (fat) in the cohort that received the Glycine max leaf extract.

White Willow Bark

This ingredient is typically seen marketed in arthritis supplements like Instaflex. In fact, White willow bark shows up as a white powdery substance that looks similar to a pain killer such as aspirin. While it is traditionally used as a pain killer, this is not why it is found in the Thrive DFT Duo. White willow bark increases the efficacy of caffeine and supplements like ephedra. So, it is reasonable to assume white willow bark is being used to increase the effectiveness of ingredients like the green bean coffee extract which naturally contain high amounts of caffeine.


Also known as ubiquinone, COQ10 is an acronym for coenzyme Q10. The reason it is known as ubiquinone is because of its ubiquitous nature throughout the human body. This coenzyme is paramount for the body to convert caloric substances into energy the body can use. Coenzyme Q10 is most likely added to this blend in order to increase the body’s conversion of calories to energy when wearing the patch. Increased caloric conversion will give you added energy as well as increase calorie burning in the body, even when you are not working out or expending energy. The extra COQ10 found in the patch will provide energy before, during, and after the workout.

L Arginine

This supplement is a double edged sword, but in the good way. It helps to increase blood flow by relaxing blood vessels. This results in more oxygen flowing to muscles and other parts of the body easily fatigued during exercise. The increase in blood flow and oxygen also prevent muscle cramping that can come about from lactic acid buildup from anaerobic fatigue. According to a scientific study of 90 overweight women and men, L arginine significantly reduced overall weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, triglycerides, hemoglobin A1c (bad blood iron), and overall cholesterol in the plasma.


Guarana extract is a popular source of caffeine used in energy drinks and weight loss supplements alike. While other sources of caffeine are used in the Thrive DFT Duo, the use of several natural sources of caffeine will increase the likelihood of caffeine deployment to the body. Caffeine is a natural diuretic and one of the oldest ways to increase weight loss and speed up the body’s metabolism. While caffeine can be found in several synthetic forms, it is good that the DFT Duo is utilizing natural resources for its caffeine like Guarana and green bean coffee extract.


Contact with the Skin

While most individuals will have no reactions to the patch, those with certain types of skin sensitivities or even diseases like dermatitis may experience skin irritations from using the patch for a prolonged period of time. To be clear, it is not likely consumers will have adverse reactions to the ingredients of the patch, but rather they will react to simply having the patch in contact with their skin. This means that instead of taking vitamins in pill or powder form, all you will be doing is putting on a patch.

Delivery Method

There are many benefits to the skin delivery system the patch offers. However, some buyers have said that oral supplementation has worked better for them than skin absorption from the patch. Though, a majority of users are more satisfied being able to just use a patch. It’s way easier and cases where nutrients aren’t absorbed from the patch are very rare.

How to Get The Thrive DFT Patch for the Lowest Price:

don’t forget to read the review here first 🙂

The DFT Duo goes for about $74
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Improve Your Health Today

The Thrive DFT Duo is perhaps one of the most innovative and efficacious weight management and appetite suppression supplements on the market. Consumers looking to curb their food intake throughout the day and have extra energy in the process will benefit the most from the dual patch design. Sign up with Le-Vel to receive the lowest price for the Thrive DFT Duo.