Vega One Reviews

The Ultimate Vega One Review

I am a 27 year old woman and have been taking and reviewing the Vega One nutritional shake for a year now. I exercise daily, do some yoga here and there, and have a mildly active lifestyle in which I strive to be healthy and fit. Let me tell you something about this supplement, it works.

The Vega One Nutritional Shake

The Vega One Protein reviews you can find online are mixed, but generally positive. I love these shakes for many reasons, but most of all because it offers you so many different kind of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins from organic products, is just amazing!3 Bottles of Vega One

The All In One has a certainly appropriate name, because is one of the only protein supplements out there that gives you one hundred per cent plant based protein, green food that can replace up to two meals a day, due to its high amount of nutrients. Vega as a company does not recommend that, though, because as they admit it doesn’t align with their values of encouraging their users to have a whole food diet and only supplement it with Vega One shakes and Vega One bars.

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Since I was a teenager I have trained as a runner, and even if I have participated in some small marathons, I never really took on some serious challenges. As years went by, my energy started to decrease bit by bit. I thought I would never be able to compete at a professional level again. For a long time, I have been taking protein supplements, I started in college and I honestly feel better taking them. Unfortunately, though good, they did not provide all the nutrients I was lacking.

Finally, a year ago I started with Vega One and boy, did it made a difference. I felt much more energized, my skin suddenly turned very much softer, just like my hair, I felt I could endure a hard work’s day and still have energy left to train in the late afternoon. My performance improved so much my coach suggested I train for the Boston marathon. I felt a bit insecure about it. Was I really good enough for Boston? I thought about that for a couple of days and then convinced myself. Why not? Vega One had given me so much energy. I could do this! Now, I train harder than ever, I am going to Boston next April. My dream is about to come true, and I could not be happier.

If you want to try it out, which I suggest you do, you can get Vega One at Costco, near you place.

Vega One Ingredients

This supplement contains all sorts of superfoods that help the body function in a completely natural way. We’ve outlined many of the different superfoods that make up the supplement. By eating these foods by themselves, you will experience a great increase in energy and well being.

Pea protein

Pea protein is a very useful protein that has been developed in the last decades. As many people choose to not consume animal proteins, whether because they are expensive or scarce, legume proteins are becoming more and more attractive as a food ingredient, as they can be a strong source of protein. Pea protein has many desirable effects in body functions! It is crucial for water -and liquid in general- and oil absorption and holding.


In the last few years, a lot of studies have been published about the possible long term effects of taking flaxseed regularly in a diet. Now, many health blogs recommend it, and with good reason! Flaxseeds are 45% oil that contains vegetal protein and soluble fiber. According to scientists, flaxseed helps reduce bad cholesterol from your organism and thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular and other dangerous diseases –including cancer-. It reduces the possibilities of a heart attack and smothers the cardiovascular system which ultimately will help you train better, longer, and more effectively.

Flaxseeds also provide the human body with antioxidants, which help regenerate cells, and Omega-3 –that you only find in certain food like fish skin and a couple of grains but is very important for your health, as it keeps Alzheimer at bay and helps memory-. It has a huge amount of vitamins, such as B1, B2, C and E. Flaxseed regulates appetite, so it reduces the stress eating and helps you avoid overeating.

It contains micro-milled flaxseeds, this is, flaxseed ground so tiny it is almost impossible for the naked eye to distinguish. This will help you absorb more effectively all its nutrients.

Acacia Gum

Acacia Gum is basically fiber. It helps you control weight, and have a healthier digestive cycle. The more fiber you take, the healthier you will be. Acacia Gum is mainly produced in the Middle East countries because the trees out of which it is extracted grow in Sudan and around it. Acacia trees need a warmer weather to develop correctly.

Acacia Gum contains several types of sugar that are really good for the health but as they are con processed sugars, they don’t fatten you up. Although in the last few years, Acacia trees have been genetically modified and that causes a losS in effectiveness for a slightly lower cost, Vega guarantees that you are getting an organic product and all its benefits. Organic fiber reduces the risk of diabetes and other diseases.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein has several positive effects on the human body. It stimulates the digestive organs and combined with the flaxseed that regulates them it makes for a well-working digestive track. In the contemporary world, it is not uncommon the loss of memory due to stress or tiredness. Usually it starts with small things, you don’t remember where you put your keys, or that paper you had in your hand just a moment ago.

Hemp protein has been shown to excite the nervous system and therefore help memory and reflexes. Also, it alleviates small pains. Hemp also acts as an antimicrobial agent, reducing the risk of diseases by contact, such as viruses and flu.

Sacha Inchi

Sacha Inchi contains an important amount of protein, almost 35% of the seed, and oil, the other 60%. Sacha Inchi oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as B1 and B2, E and Z. It has a very Sacha Inchi has a taste slightly nutty, that makes very desirable for several dishes. Sacha Inchi only grows in South America, more specifically around the equator, in countries like Bolivia and Peru.

The Sacha Inchi used by Vega is grown in Peruvian plains and highlands. Vega firmly believes that the cost of importation from such a faraway place is worth the quality of the product, as in is a key ingredient to all the shakes.

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Sacha Inchi was used in Peru for a long time before several studies were made on in and it was proved to be very good for the diet. Now some companies synthetically produce it to reduce costs. Vega uses organic products as to not feed their consumers genetically altered products. Vega used to produce SaviSeed, which was a refined Sacha Inchi seed. It was easy to eat and very delicious! They are no longer producing it, but you can still find it (if you are lucky) because they haven’t run out just yet.

Maca root

Maca trees, as with Sacha inchi, is South American tree. It’s natural habitat is the tropical highlands, such as Los Andes. The effects of Maca root in the health of the body are numerous, although not a lot of studies have been made about them.

Maca has been shown to balance hormones and energy levels. I particularly have not taken Maca aside from my shake but I can tell after starting taking it I have felt much better, like my body regulates energy and makes it last throughout the day. Maca helps strengthen the immune system –it has been used in Peru as a medicine for thousands of years!. It provides Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins, Iron and many other nutrients.

Maca increases the level of fertility and stamina. It makes you tired less while exercising, so you can do longer routines. Many people use it as a supplement for caffeine, as it has a positive effect on mood, and it excites the nervous system, making you more active and attentive. It lowers anxiety and provides antioxidants –the same as flaxseed’s, although in a smaller amount- and thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular accidents such as heart attacks.


Broccoli has become very popular lately. Everyone mentions it in diets and there are many tutorials on how to make it. I personally don’t like broccoli very much, I don’t think the taste is all that good. Nevertheless, broccoli has many nutrients that you cannot find easily in other sources.

It is an important source of calories and at the same time it prevents obesity and diabetes. Broccoli provides antioxidants and it is believed that it prevents cancer. According to some studies, broccoli gives you 20 per cent of the vitamin C your body requires daily. Not a lot of people take the appropriate amount of vitamin C and Vitamin K daily, and thus we are more likely to fall sick –especially in flu season-. Consuming broccoli will prevent you from falling sick so easily.

Chicory Root

The shake surrounded by foodAlthough it is native from east Europe, you can find chicory growing in the wild in America and China. It is known to have been used by the romans in tea (you can even see the Chicory trees in some of their paintings!) and Europeans have kept taking it even now. The main property that makes chicory great, is the immensely positive effect on the liver. Many people have a fatty liver. It is undoubtedly one of the many bad sides of the modern life, we consume so much fatty foods it compromises our health.

Vega isolates inulin from Chicory root, and the thing about inulin is that pretty much only Chicory trees produce it. The concentration of inulin in Chicory is one of the highest in all veggies. Inulin helps digest and process sugars. That is why it is so wonderful for a good liver health. While you are digesting, Chicory isolates unhealthy bits here and there that we consume in our food, things our organism will not be able to process correctly or at all, and so helps with digestion. Many people are starting to replace coffee with chicory infusion, for it gives a boost of energy.


Spirulina is a sea plant, or a river plant on rivers with slightly high salt levels. It is highly desirable for its antioxidants properties, and its extract is used in many pills taken by women during menopause and elderly people around the world. Spirulina also has many anti-inflammatory properties. It can be found on remedies for athletes all over. It makes your recovery after an injury faster and more effective. Spirulina is a very green food, it is perfect for a smoothie, for it gives you plenty vitamins (such as vitamin A, B1 and B2) and also minerals.

Nevertheless, some people do not like its taste. I will admit, it is not a flavor we are used to. We never eat spirulina in regular foods, only in pills or vitamin shakes, but if you decide to take it, you will not be disappointed. Spirulina is so healthy it helps prevent cancer, and has in itself many nutrients we would have to get from 15 other foods.


From the family of cabbage and broccoli, kale is definitely the most nutritive green in that family! The leaves can be either green or purple, and are curly at the ends. You can see around the web the famous recipe of Kale chips (which I personally recommend, because they are very good and very easy to make). Kale, unfortunately, has a very green flavor that not many people enjoy by itself. But never fear, you can always dip the chips in some healthy salsa or if you are using the kale in a smoothie, you can hide the flavor behind some strong-tasting veggies or fruits.

One of my fellow runners enjoys his kale smoothies with mango, and he has told me that only one kale smoothie provides you with about 200% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A and K! It also provides vitamin B6 that you cannot find all that easily and copper. Kale as other foods on this list, helps you reduce the risk of suffering from heart diseases. Kale, as many other veggies, has been genetically modified in the last few years, nevertheless, Vega guarantees you that these vegetables are organic.


Chlorella is also an algae, just like spirulina. In fact, they belong to the same family. Like spirulina, it will give you an energy boost as not many foods can give you. Although not as green as others –it is in fact rather pale- it is as healthy and provides you with as many nutrients as others. Chlorella Vulgaris is a great source of antioxidants. The key role in the organism is that it help you detox from heavy elements you sometimes consume in your diet that the body does not digest entirely. It has proven to be very effective during cancer treatment.

Many times, during chemo, doctors will recommend the patient to take chlorella has it helps detox the chemicals. Even when not under heavy chemicals as a part of a treatment of a severe illness, Chlorella will help you purify your body and get rid of those non digestible chemicals we have inside due to consumption of chemical in the food. Chlorella Vulgaris also helps with the regulation of weight, helping you lose weight when you are too heavy for you ideal weight, and helping you gain weight when you are under your ideal weight. Thus, it necessarily makes you look younger. Chlorella helps the immune system, helping you get less viruses and the occasional flu.

Marine Algae Calcium

As it contains several marine plants, Vega One provides you with marine Calcium. Yes, you will say, I can get calcium anywhere. Oh, but superficial calcium is very different from marine calcium, as it is processed by the plant directly from the ocean and its sole. We cannot get the same minerals from the surface that we get from the oceans, although similar they might be.

Papaya extract

Papaya was one of the fruits that amazed the Europeans the most when they first got to America. Cristopher Columbus described it in one of his journals as a fruit of the angels. Truth is, not many people like the taste of the papaya.

to go bars
It is also available in to-go bars.

Some say it tastes like a fart, and well, I can’t disagree entirely. The smell is sometimes too much, but its nutritive properties sure are worth it. Papaya has a lot of fiber to help you with your digestive system. Not only it removes non digestible elements from the digestive track, making the process smoother, but the fiber also helps in avoiding the possible risk of colon cancer at an early stage. Papaya has anti-inflammatory properties, and was use as a medicine by many native South Americans. It has been proved to work on various illnesses, such as arthritis and asthma. These shakes gives all papaya’s benefits while taking away the not so appealing flavor.

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Fruit and Vegetable blend

Although Vega has been rather clear in their desire to encourage its takers to also ingest solid foods, it offers you a mix of different fruits and veggies to fulfill the amount of veggies you have to take daily. Not only they mix in the shake red fruits, also roots and mushrooms.

Red fruits

For a long time, we have heard that red fruit are the fruit of youth. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” we hear them say all the time. Well, when I was researching about the components of it, I read that it includes strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, tomatoes, apples and bilberries. What a list! Apparently, red fruits have this vital component called lycopene that has been proved to reduce cancer statistics about 45%. That is a lot. Especially for men, it is rather a big deal because it reduces prostate cancer risk about 70%.

Bud red fruits not only fight cancer (only for that are worth taking) at an early stage but also reduces tumor growth. When my grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer, they made him take 5 to 9 servings a day of red fruits. I didn’t even know why, but apparently red fruits are miraculous. Red fruits also act on the soft tissues of the body, strengthening them. That is why they are also used by arthritis patients. Just like water plants, and flaxseed, consuming red fruits will lower your cholesterol and thus prevent any cardiovascular disease you might tend to suffer.

Cranberry, particularly, helps avoid any urinary infections. Although blueberries and plums aren’t technically ‘red’, and are counted more as a purple and blue food, they work along the line of red fruits, they boost the immune system making you less vulnerable to viruses. Red fruits also improve your eyesight. Along the way, we start losing our eye health. We have myopia, we need glasses to read. Red fruits improve eyesight and diminish this kind of problems. I am not saying the will suddenly cure your myopia and you will have a 20/20 sight, but hey, little improvement is better than no improvement at all.

Orange fruits

Granted, when you say “orange fruits” everybody only thinks of oranges and not the other fruits and veggies that are orange, and there are plenty! Sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, the list goes on. Nevertheless, Vega One offers a limited amount of orange fruits. It contains carrots and oranges, not as many as recommended, but two strong fruits. Orange fruits, even more than red fruits, are excellent for eyesight thanks to its high content of beta-carotene.

Carrots and oranges both act on the regulation and improvement of the immune system (especially oranges, thanks to the vitamin C they contain) and reduce kidney problems. I personally like orange fruits quite a lot. I tend to take my smoothies with oranges and mangoes, for example. A friend used to tell me that she took orange juice in the morning because it helped with nausea. I really didn’t believe her, but then I googled it and turns out, it really does. Besides all that, orange fruits also helps you maintain a healthy skin. So by taking orange fruits you are not only improving your inside but also your outside, and really, what else can you ask for?


Mushrooms are just great. Really, I love mushrooms so much. I love the taste and I love all the good things they provide you with. While there is an unspoken rule of more color, more nutrients, this doesn’t apply to mushrooms. Mushrooms are usually white, or very pale, but they have plenty nutrients to fill you with. Mushrooms help regulate appetite, making you feel satisfied when you have eaten enough and not over eat. Thus, hey also decrease the risk of diabetes and obesity.

They help process the sugars we consume and prevent heart diseases. Mushrooms contain high amounts of antioxidants, which help the cells regenerate, just like red fruits. They also help the liver generate more enzymes to process fatty foods, and believe me, one feels how it is easier to digest fat very soon after starting consuming them.


Vega One also provides probiotics, which are a key part of the diet. Probiotics help with the genesis of enzymes, digestion and thus are very important for the regeneration of the intestinal track. You can get probiotics from certain unprocessed cheeses and yogurt.


Aside from all the antioxidants provided by fruits on their own, it includes antioxidants extracted from other fruits to optimize their consumption. Those fruits include grape seed and pomegranate extract, as well as mangosteen and organic goji, which is an Asian berry that has been taken there for many centuries now.

Goji berry is similar to other red fruits, it is small and red and has many nutritive properties, not least of which is the ability to calm nerves and lower stress levels. Many athletes use goji to have a better performance, and also to sleep better. Unfortunately, goji may interact badly with some drugs used to treat diabetes, so some people recommend you talk to your doctor first if you are going to start taking supplements that contain goji, like this one.

Stevia extract

All flavors contain stevia. Yup, you read that right, all flavor. Granted, stevia tastes much stronger in the Natural flavor than in Vega One Chocolate shake, or Vega One Vanilla shake, for example. These two contain other flavors such as vanilla extract and cacao powder so it tastes like chocolate and vanilla respectively. Otherwise, you will taste the stevia.

Many people don’t like stevia. A friend of mine, for example, says stevia tastes like you went out on the garden and started chewing on the grass. “It tastes so green!” she says. Well, Vega One is very green, so stevia flavor doesn’t bother me all that much. If you don’t like stevia, though, I recommend you get the stronger tasting shakes, like the ones I mentioned above. Otherwise, you will end up with two shakes a day for a month of foul tasting shakes mainly because you don’t really enjoy the stevia flavor.

Side Effects

As everything good comes at a price, this one is not the exception. Due to its super high content of fiber, when I first started using the meal replacement shake I had some serious tummy aches. It was very uncomfortable because when you are not quite alright in the lower part of your body you can’t really train. You have to have a bathroom close in case an “accident” happens.

I talked about it with some of my friends –they train with me and had also taken several protein supplements-. Turns out, 2 of them had tried out the shakes for a while too. Neither of them had continued using it. Our bodies are not used to a high intake of fiber, so it is no wonder that when we start consuming a lot of fiber there are rather unpleasant consequences. One of my girls told me she even had episodes of diarrhea that suddenly stopped after she stopped taking it.Facts

Fiber makes your digestion better. As I said, we don’t consume enough fiber in our regular diet, processed food rarely has an important amount of fiber in them, and so we don’t take enough of it. When we start taking these kinds of protein shakes, a bunch of fiber is suddenly being consumed and our bodies not always react positively to these kind of sudden changes. After hearing this, I doubted keeping on with Vega One or just giving up, I really was not feeling good. Nevertheless, I kept taking it for a couple of days. My digestive issues continued. About to just drop it, I decided to read some Vega One protein reviews online.

A lot of people had had this same issue. I wrote a review myself and the Vega Team was so kind as to give me a reply. Apparently, you have to take half a serving at the beginning and then increase the servings little by little until you reach a full serving. Otherwise, your organism will react the same way as mine. So I kept on taking it and fortunately, my body very soon got used to it and now I can proudly say I have been using it for about a year.


You will feel amazing. Really. Once you start using Vega One, your body will feel revitalized. Your skin will get softer and cleaner. Your organism and body will work better. Not only Vega One offers you a lot of protein, but also several different kinds of antioxidants and nutrients. Because of its many ingredients, you can be sure you are getting plenty of different nutrients, all very necessary to include in your daily diet.

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Due to the high amount of antioxidants you get while taking Vega One, you can prevent several different diseases like cancer and cardiovascular malfunctions. Antioxidants lower the risk of heart attacks and other chronic diseases by slowing down the oxidative processes that are naturally occurring in all living beings. Vega One is one of the only nutritional supplements that offer you plenty protein extracted from plants, greens and fruits, instead of using dairy based proteins, for example. This makes Vega One a vegan friendly product, and gluten free, ideal for people with gluten allergies and such.

A lot of people mix their shakes with fruits and veggies to make delicious smoothies. On its official website, Vega offers a variety of smoothie recipes for you to choose from. I have not tried them all, but I have tried a few.

My favorite one is the maple walnut smoothie! You only need almond milk, walnuts –obviously- roasted or not, a banana (which I always mix in frozen, because I like my smoothies to be really cold), maple syrup and Vega One, of course. You only need a decent blender and voilá, an easy but tasty smoothie! With this recipe, I use Vega One Vanilla Chai or Vega One French Vanilla, because I feel they taste better with walnut and maple than, for example, Berry flavor.

Sport tubThe other recipe that is actually on the official Vega website and I love is the S’Mores Protein Smoothies. For it, you only need almond milk, one frozen banana, ice, chocolate chips and vegan marshmallows. The actual recipe uses Vega One Protein Powder, Vega One Sport Performance Protein or Vega Protein and Greens, but I myself use Vega One Chocolate flavor. Chocolate makes this particular smoothie taste really good.

Another recipe that tastes awesome with Vanilla flavor is this recipe I actually got from a review in an online selling page. You have to mix frozen blueberries and bananas, almond milk, ice and a bit of agave nectar, that sweetens the drink and hides the stevia flavor without making it overly sweet.

When I am going for something a bit more simple but equally delicious, I mix almond or coconut milk or powder, some berries (strawberries, blueberries or cranberries), flax and chia seeds and a bit of spinach or kale. This gives me a lot of energy to rock all day. It is particularly good for when I have long training sessions.

Although Vega encourages people to take full meals and include Vega One in their current diets, Vega One meal replacement shake is exactly that, a meal replacement, and can be used as such. I take it in the morning before anything else as a smoothie, and I can assure you I don’t get hungry until midafternoon.


Sometimes, especially when you are new to Vega products or are switching protein supplements, it might make you feel all bloated and may even give some digestive problems. It certainly does not make digestion slower, on the contrary, it makes it much faster. At the beginning, you can feel it makes you sick and your tummy hurt, but these are all side effects that soon pass.

On the other hand, I do not recommend you take Vega One with water alone. Although you can find on the internet some people who like the natural taste and consistency of Vega One mixed only with water, I find it so thick it is a bit disgusting to swallow.

I recommend you always mix Vega One with a fruit and veggies smoothie, or at least yogurt. Besides, some people dislike the sweet taste Vega One has. You can always hear about people who ultimately stopped using Vega One for this alone, for it was too sweet for them. This of course, and whether you will like the consistency, is something no one can tell for sure, some like it sweet, some do not. It will always vary from person to person.

Are the Vega One Reviews Correct?Materials and nutritional fact points

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All in all, if you are looking for a vegan protein shake supercharged with antioxidants and other healthy stuff, I would say it is worth it to try with the shakes. If your troubles with bloating and other intestinal problems continue for too long, I would also recommend stopping the product and consulting a doctor. As with anything ‘extra’ in your daily intake, if you take prescription drugs, are pregnant or suffer from a chronic illness, I would get on the safer side and ask your doctor about any possible issues that might come from taking a nutritional supplement such as Vega One. Apart from that, give it a try! It has worked for me.