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What is a body wrap and what is “It Works!”?

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Body wraps are a popular spa treatment that have gained fame and momentum these last few years. Using various ingredients you might not consider initially, these usually take from the natural properties of several ingredients to give your skin some nice benefits.
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Body wraps are usually used, and have been made famous for its conjoined use in fitness and tightening treatments. Claiming to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten the abdominal region, detoxify your body and generally nourishing the skin where you applied, it transformed from a fancy spa treatment unique to the wealthy and famous to your average home-kit that anybody –and everybody- can easily use from the comfort of their own bathroom.

Are the wraps healthy?

body wrap resultsGenerally speaking, body wraps are usually used to relax, moisturize and nourish your skin.
Initially, body wraps were rather called “herbal wraps” mainly because their ingredients were mostly herbs and other botanical elements that were applied to the skin through a linen wrapping in the desired area.

How does it work?

Body wraps are usually applied after a bath or shower. If done in a spa, the bath usually also contains herbs and essences in order to further the treatment. At home, you might only give yourself a warm shower.4 week use results

After the skin is clean and free of any residual products, the herbal mixture is applied, then the wrap. It is advised to cover yourself with a heated blanket or a warm towel, in order to open up the pores and make the herbal ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.

Kinds of Body Wraps

There are different kinds of body wraps: moisturizing wraps, detox wraps, slimming wraps and anti-cellulite wraps.

man it works! resultsEven when a lot of spa owners and customers swear by the effectivity of wraps on their skin, there is no supporting scientific evidence proving the long lasting effects of wraps on weight loss or cellulite. There seems to be a significant loss of water weight that might give the users the sensation of weight loss or tightening.

Evidently, at-home treatments are significantly less costly than spa-bound ones. Nevertheless, companies such as It Works!, that have built their business over the marketing of such body wraps for at-home customers, can charge up to 99$ per 4-session kit, making it almost as expensive as the spa treatments.

It Works body wrap results:

According to the official website from the company, the It Works! Body wrap is used as a “contouring product that can tighten, tone, and firm any area of the body.”

Because of this, the product has had claims to be a slimming  and toning wrap with guaranteed results, give you increase your water intake, follow a healthy diet, do a little exercise and keep applying the wraps every week or so.sample body wrap

A lot of people complain that changing these lifestyle habits is the key to slimming and weight loss, not the actual body wrap. Even when officially the It Works! Body wrap is marketed as a skin tightening wrap, a lot of its independent sellers claim the wrap to be almost miraculous, increasing the amount of unsatisfied customers after the fact.

Where to buy

It Works! Body Wraps can be purchased either with a local sales representative or at their online store. You can get the same results as the people you see here. If you wish to become part of the loyalty program, you’ll receive important discounts with a monthly purchase of a body wrap kit. In this kit not only comes a packaged wrap, but also an Ultimate Body applicator to help with the procedure. The company also markets especial gels targeted at specific needs such as detoxing the skin, erasing stretch marks and further slimming.

Most of the time if you take all of the natural supplements you can in order to stay healthy, this will help you a lot with how the wraps work. Just be sure to get the right multivitamin and mineral complex.

prevention wrapHowever, the company claims that the effectivity of their wraps are closely related to changes in lifestyle and offer “progressive results” in 72 hours. The company officially recommends applying the wraps every 72 hours for the first couple of applications, in order for your body to absorb the most of its hydrating and nourishing properties.

Body wrap results are slight, depend largely on a significant change in lifestyle and are usually bound to the repeat of the wrapping treatment, where the results to fade too quickly.

In general, body wraps help nourish and moisturize the skin, making it appear healthier and tighter. In this light, body wraps are a cosmetic product, not necessarily a weight loss treatment. The important thing to keep in mind is that, as any other wrap, It Works! Body wrap offers only temporary results and does not promote weight works!

Nevertheless, they can help with bloating feeling and tighten loose skin product of extreme weight loss. People have also reported using body wraps as a way to jumpstart their fitness journey, as seeing such quick results, even if temporary, helped them make bigger lifestyle changes that would ultimately be permanent.

If you still want to try a body wrap, be sure to stay thoroughly hydrated, as body-wrapping can lead to profuse sweating and you could get dehydrated.

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