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Confusion Around Nutrition


Hey, it’s James here.

You have probably known one or two people like this… He taking about 50 pills in the morning, 50 pills in the evening, and 100 pills at night because he needs to get his vitamins and nutrients in during the day. There is no doubt that we are inundated with the latest diet pill and diet drink that you can find in your local nutrition shop or on TV.

There is a lot of confusion about what you should take and what would be good for you and by visiting and looking around this website, you will find exactly what will work for you.

The truth is…

Everyone is different when you are looking at nutrition. We all have similar bodies but they all operate in very different ways. That is why it’s important to find out what your body responds to in a positive way.

What is Real Nutrition?

There seems to be a crazy about taking supplements instead of eating real food to be healthy. The fact is, natural food is always better than taking something man made, but since times have changed, real food isn’t even a thing anymore. Because of Monsanto and genetically modified food, taking supplements is a great alternative.

So what do I take?

As much as I hate to say it, without knowing exactly how your body functions or what would work for you, you are going to need to try out different things. Since almost all the food we eat isn’t natural anymore, this means you are going to have to take different things and experiment for yourself. The purpose of this site is to point you in a direction of what has worked for me and what will work for most people.

Your own experience is king when it comes to how your body reacts to different things. 

Supplements Everyone Needs To Take

Woman taking a red and white capsule.

We’re going to explain in the next few paragraphs what is necessary for you body to function. There are ingredients and compounds that you just can’t get from food. A good example of this is fish oil. If you don’t live near a river or don’t have access to fresh organic fish, you simply won’t get this nutrient.

Fish Oil or Omega-3s

Fish oil simply comes from fish from the ocean. You can take this supplement in pill for or even a liquid form. You won’t find it in powder form, simply because it is a fat. This type of fat is necessary for a lot of mental function and helps keep inflammation at bay, the unhealthy aging monster that we all know and love.

Multivitamin or Multi

Multivitamins are known as the catch all for nutrients. Taking a good multivitamin is going to prevent a whole host of problems that you hear about all the time. By getting essential vitamins and minerals, you are preventing yourself from becoming nutrient deficient. When this happens, your body starts to shut down essential systems to promote health which affects other things. It’s a vicious cycle when you don’t get what you need to function.

Have you ever had a day where just nothing went your way? Have you had a day where it just seemed like nothing could improve your mood or lift your spirits? Most of this is caused by a nutritional deficiency. Taking a multi can prevent this.

Check out our page on an interesting supplement called Prodovite.

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There is a catch though… If you take the traditional multivitamin from Wal-Mart or some other drug or convenience store, it is not worth it. Those simple, cheap multivitamins don’t hardly contain anything beneficial because they go according to the SAD (standard American diet) on their vitamin numbers. I would recommend getting some sort of power vitamin that will give you a lot more bang for your buck and bang for your health. This is essential.


Vitamin D

This supplement has a caveat to it. Not everyone needs to take it, but if you live in an area with less sunlight that Florida has during the summer, chances are you will need to get this into your diet somehow. Foods rarely have enough to cover your daily needs.vitamin d

The reason taking extra vitamin D is important is because this supplement was meant to come it to your body through the sun. We all know that because of modern society, we cannot get enough sunlight because of our jobs or because we work in an environment with inclement weather. In most situations 1000 IUs a day is sufficient.

Help Choosing Supplements

When going through any review on this site, keep in mind that everyone is different and you can find resources for supplements in many different places. Test the supplements out yourself. Personally, I have tested out different mixtures and come up with my own stack that work perfectly for me. I constantly have abundant energy and I’m out like a light switch when I go to bed, and I wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day. I owe all of this to testing out and seeing what works for me.

I would tell you exactly what I take, but I know that it’s different for everyone, so it wouldn’t do you any good. You are going to get an unbiased opinion on everything that is tested and get a good idea of how a certain pill or powder works.

External Health

Most of the time when we are having a health struggle, we think that whatever we ingest should solve the problem, when in reality, something physical needs to change. One way to do this is to use The Alexander Technique. The most common reason for sleep problems is not brain chemistry, but a physical misalignment. Meaning you should see a chiropractor or get a better mattress. We know this is an issue that most people don’t know about, so we went out of our way to get a Nectar mattress coupon. This will hopefully help people address their sleeping issues.

Featured Supplements

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Medifast is a great option when dieting. If you are getting ready for a wedding, want to get in shape for the summer, or just want to look leaner, Medifast has the perfect diet plan to help you. We have found where to buy Medifast online. You can often get it for a very good discount as well.


If you are struggling with osteoporosis, it’s not fun at all. My grandmother had this problem for about 10 years until she came across the Save Our Bones system. We are excited to give a full Save Our Bones Program Review on Focused Nutrients and hopes that it saves a lot of people from unnecessary our bones program


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