Ritual Vitamins Reviews- Women’s Essentials – Is it a scam?

Ritual Vitamins for Women: Is It A Scam?

Multivitamins have lately stolen the spotlight in the healthy living community and for good reason too. They’re a good way to get vitamins that you might not be getting from your day-to-day activity or diet. Does that mean all multivitamins are created equal? Multivitamins for men and women differ in the amounts of certain ingredients that are put in them. Plus, vitamins targeted to women tend to have added benefits such as vitamins that promote hair growth and strength and better skin. Women’s Essentials from Ritual is not all that it’s cracked up. Is it a scam? In short, we don’t think it’s a scam, but we DO think that it IS NOT worth the money.

What Are Ritual Vitamins?

Ritual claims to be a new kind of health brand that believes in ingredients that work best for your body. With their brand, you’re given the information on what you’re getting and exactly where it’s coming from. They’ve claimed to capture the perfect vitamin for women’s health with their Women’s Essential multivitamin. They believe better health begins with better ingredients, but if you don’t have enough to cover all the bases, what’s the point.

Here’s the bottom line..

The packaging may look sexy and the simplicity may look cool, but the ingredients they have are very generic and if you look at any other vitamin out there, it has the same thing. Instead, we recommend a multivitamin that covers more that just the basics.For example,  The Naturelo Multivitamin for women is a winner in our eyes. It was ranked #1 by consumers, is vegan, and is non-GMO.


  • 9 Essential Ingredients: Ritual’s multivitamin is made from nine ingredients that are proven to help improve your health.
  • Made from Natural Ingredients: The ingredients used are all-natural as well as vegan.
  • Has a taste to it: This Woman’s Essentials multivitamin tastes like peppermint, but this won’t help you get healthy.


  • Price: The Ritual multivitamin is priced at $30 a month which is VERY steep for a multivitamin that lacks ingredients as much as this one does.
  • Ingredients Count: It simply does not have the right amount of ingredients you need to make sure that your entire well being is covered. It’s like driving down the road with some tires missing.

9 Ingredients in Ritual?! Where’s the beef?!

Their multivitamin for women has only nine ingredients.

● Vitamin K2: The Women’s Essential multivitamin contains 90 mcg of pure non-soy MK7 from Oslo, Norway. It’s known for promoting skin health, bone health, and heart health. They use the pure non-soy MK7 form of Vitamin K2 because it lasts longer in the body than other forms. When combined with calcium from your diet, this ingredient helps deposit calcium into your bones.

● Vitamin D3: Sourced from the United Kingdom, 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 can be found in Ritual’s multivitamin. Ritual uses this vitamin in the form of lichens as it’s the only certified vegan form of Vitamin D3. This vitamin is known to promote cognition and healthy bones and boost immune support. Vitamin D3 also works with calcium from your regular diet to assist in the absorption of it.

● Vitamin B12: The multivitamin has 8 mcg of methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 manufactured in Connecticut. This vitamin is known to improve brain and nerve function and energy levels. The methylcobalamin Ritual uses is the same as cells and food; it’s the more active form of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 works with Folate, also found in the multivitamin, to assist the DNA and RNA with making cells in your body.

● Boron: 1 mg of Boron is found in Ritual’s Women Essentials multivitamin. It takes the form of calcium fructoborate and is manufactured in Illinois. This food-form Boron is preferred by the body as shown through clinical tests for activity and absorption. It’s known to help with hormone support and joint health as well as boosting bone health. It works with Vitamin D in your body to make receptors more efficient.

● Iron: Iron is found in this multivitamin in 8 mg in the form of ferrous bisglycinate. While other iron forms can cause nauseous, ferrous bisglycinate has better tolerability, efficacy, and absorption. When combined with Folate and B12, it helps healthy red blood cells. It’s also known to increase your energy levels, help with blood building, and improve brain health.

● Vitamin E: Sourced from Argentina, Vitamin E makes up 10 IU of Ritual’s multivitamin. It’s presented in the form of mixed tocopherols which better mirrors intakes seen in healthy diets than alpha tocopherols. It’s known for improving the look of skin as well as assisting in anti-aging and antioxidant actions. When combined with Omega-3s, oxidation happens.

● Magnesium: Known for helping bone support and heart health as well as giving people a feeling of calmness, Magnesium is found in this vitamin in 50 mg. They use it in the form of sucrosomial, which is a form produced only by Ritual that is protected from interaction and allows for it to be absorbed better. It’s sourced from Pisa, Italy and is known to balance calcium to assist in the operation of enzymes, cell machinery, and receptors.

● Folate: Presented in the form of 5MTHF glucosamine salt, 600 mcg of Folate is in this Women’s Essentials multivitamin. It’s manufactured in Pisticci, Italy and is known to improve mood, DNA synthesis, and brain health. The Folate they use is cell-identical and is enzymatically active. When combined with B12, it helps in assisting heart health by adding methyl groups to homocysteine.

● Omega-3: 320 mg of algal oil Omega-3 is found in Ritual’s multivitamin. It’s manufactured in South Carolina and helps in supporting the immune system and improving heart and brain health. Algal oil is vegan, coming from fermented micro algae, and leaves no environmental contamination. When it works with Magnesium, it helps you maintain a heartbeat that is healthy.

The Bottom Line

We recommend to NOT buy the ritual vitamin, and go with something a little more well rounded that has better ingredient quality, and MORE ingredients. Our recommendation would be the Naturelo Whole Food Vitamin. Just check out the hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon about it.