Texas Superfood Review

Texas Superfood

Most people know that the daily struggle of low energy and fatigue shouldn’t be something you have to bear on a day to day basis. The reality is, the normal state of human life is energetic and motivating. In order to get into this motivated state, you need to be fueling your body in the right way. But, because of the modern world we live it, it’s almost impossible to get exactly what our body needs to function at optimal levels. This is why we’ve made an assessment about a supplement that can help you take your vitality to a whole new level.

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Optimal Performance

As result of recent research on human performance, the nutritional supplement  market has risen to a level that would have been unimaginable back in the day. Supplements can have huge advantage to someone who is under-performing or is lacking the nutritional support they need. Ever notice how some people just always have energy no matter what they eat? Because of natural genetic variation, some people require more high quality foods and ingredients in order to function at an optimal level. The supplement industry has clued in on this and have filled a large gap in the demand for a quick fix on nutrition.

Performance Foods in a Bottle

In order to have sustained energy and focus throughout the day, their are a lot of processes that need to happen inside your body. If on link in the nutritional chain is broken, you will fee sluggish, slow, and just plain tired. The bad news is that in order to connect all of those processes in your body, you have to eat and almost unreal amount of different foods. The more variation the better. The good new is, The Nuplexa Group, Inc. in the state of Texas, using scientific principles, proposed a product in the three categories that aim to restore the balance in our body’s primary physiological processes. These main foods that link those natural processes together to create abundant energy and focus are varieties of fruits,  algae, grasses, and vegetables. Many variations of these are packed into a tiny capsule to fill all of the nutritional gaps in your system.


The formulation of the Texas Superfood series was designed to attack the main areas that your body’s systems break down in. These are common to all people as they age. By taking Texas Superfood, you can stop these processes right in their tracks. By taking the recommended dose everyday, you will essentially be putting a protective barrier around your organs and giving yourself rapid cellular repair, and enhanced brain and nervous system function.

Texas Superfood Ingredients

The supplement combines a selection of natural agents (supplements, herbs, and nutraceuticals) to channel your physiology back to an optimal state, providing the highest density of phyto-nutrients suitable for your body. This green drink powder supplement is jam-packed with a 55 total ingredients that include grasses, vegetables, algae, fruits and digestive enzymes. The supplement contains a wide array of antioxidants that supports physical energy and performance and recovery.

Ingredients List By Potency

IngredientHealth Potency
Acerola CherryHigh
Tart CherryHigh
Purple GrapeLow
Hawthorn BerryHigh
Black CurrantHigh
Pumpkin SquashLow
Rose HipHigh
Beet RootMedium
Black RaddishMedium
Aloe VeraHigh

Anti-oxidants are substances that help to stop and regulate the natural oxidation process that occurs on every living being. Ingridients in Texas Superfood, by nature, are packed with antioxidants. This is exactly why the creators picked those exact foods. If you read the label, you will be able to tell that the foods are of the highest quality and some you may not be able to recognize or pronounce. This is because there has been tremendous research on what the best blend should be when going into each capsule.

The formulation contains less than a gram of sugar. Because it’s low in sugar, you won’t get a blast and crash of energy. It was designed that way so that it is safe to take before bed if you are looking for a recovery option from a long day at work or a hard workout at the gym. texas superfood ingredients


Not only does it contain everything you need to regain your vitality, but it is produced in a way to hold all of nutrients even when ingested. Most supplements lose a lot of their potency when you take them in a hard pill form and when they are processed by normal means. Texas Superfood is completely non-GMO which means that there are no genetically modified ingredients and the ingredients are all completely organic. It also doesn’t go through heating or cooking processes that will render most other supplements useless. This means that you aren’t getting any toxic or harmful pesticides or worrying about if it is potent enough when you take it in the morning.

As an added benefit, Texas Superfood is 100% vegan and raw, so you can easily take it into your fitness and wellness regime without any concern for your core values.


Most people have questions about taking Texas Superfood as part of a healthy exercise and fitness regime. The fact is, if you are already in a healthy state and sticking to any extreme or less rigorous exercise routine, you do not have to worry about introducing a new substance into it. In fact, you may notice an increase in stamina and energy after a couple week when taking it during your workout routine. As stated before, you can take it in the morning before your workout, or you can take it to aid recovery at night. Whenever you are ingesting foods that are meant to unify your biology, you can’t go wrong.

As with any other nutritional supplement, you should consult your doctor before taking anything that could affect prescription medicine. A medical doctor’s advice is always a good idea when you are looking to adopt healthy habits.texas superfood next to plant

It is also important to note that some prescribed drugs rely heavily on natural oxidation processes that occur normally in the body, and the intake of antioxidants could deter the absorption of other important drugs. It is also key to understand that taking nutritional supplements does not, in any way, replace the intake of fresh, organic, healthy foods. These should comprise the majority of your daily intake and this should be only a supplement, not your main course.

One major concern from the customers has been the inability to actually know exactly what these 55 ingredients are, nevertheless, the people that have tried the product can testify their energy and overall health improvements that wouldn’t have been possible without the supplement.

Where to Buy

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