CB-1 Weight Gainer Reviews and Where to Buy the Pill

There is so much information out in the world about fast and effective ways to gain weight. Anyone who has ever tried to gain weight before knows that it can do a number on one’s stomach. On top of getting the adequate amount of protein, one must also take in lots and lots more calories, and if you don’t have a mathematician on speed dial, it can be tough to get the formula correct.

CB-1 Weight Gainer’s most loyal clients know how difficult it is to put on weight, especially working past a plateau, but they also know that CB-1 Weight Gainer gives them the extra boost they need. There are countless success stories from believers in CB-1 who have tried other methods before turning to CB-1 just to find that it was exactly what they needed.

If you’ve been looking for CB-1 weight gainer reviews and where to buy the pill, we’ve got all the information you need, right here.

What Is CB-1 Weight Gainer?

So what exactly is CB-1 Weight Gainer? It’s a natural weight gain pill and patented weight-gain program designed for women, men, or seniors who struggle to put on weight, suffer from a fast metabolism, or weak appetite.

CB-1 is a unique blend of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and ingredients known as isobutylamides. Every batch of the Weight Gainer goes through extraction and testing at a third-party laboratory ensuring the continued use of the most potent, pure, and all-natural ingredients.

CB-1 contains no dangerous ingredients, steroids, or drugs, making it an extremely safe and effective product. It is manufactured in the United States and is FDA inspected, cGMMP certified facility, and meets all FDA regulations for dietary supplements. Additionally, because every ingredient is natural, side effects are extremely rare. Most users will never experience any side effects at all.

Each bottle of CB-1 contains 90 capsules, which users are encouraged to take before every meal. The pill is an easy-to-swallow, flavorless gelatin capsule.

How and When to Take It?

Users are encouraged to take the weight gain formula 30-60 minutes before each meal.  This supports both a healthy appetite and metabolism, which is crucial for individuals wanting to gain weight because increasing caloric intake is the key to putting on weight.

Anytime a user chooses to invest in CB-1, they will receive a Weight Gain Guidebook. The guidebook includes everything that fitness and health minded individuals need to know about successfully reaching their weight gain goal and maintaining their new ideal weight. The guide covers everything from calories and supplements, to tips for nutrition and exercise. It’s a one-stop shop that saves users time and frustration.

Who Can Take CB-1?

 CB-1 was designed specifically for women, men, and seniors who struggle with gaining weight because of a small appetite or a fast metabolism. CB-1 has such a gentle formula that it’s safe even for children as long as they are able to swallow the capsule. Once users reach their ideal weight, they can easily stop taking the supplement as it is not addictive or habit forming.


 Despite the fact that we frequently hear that women only want to lose weight, there are many women who are desperately seeking to gain weight because they feel they may be too skinny or look sickly or ill because of their weight.

Most weight gain products are specifically focused on gaining muscle in men, leaving women without an option. CB-1 is designed specifically to address women’s weight gain problems, so it’s also one of the most successful supplements available for women hoping to gain weight.


Being underweight is a frequent and common insecurity that many men face. It can be extremely difficult for men to gain weight if they don’t want to or can’t eat the proper amount of protein and calories needed to put on that additional weight. Teenage boys very frequently have extremely fast metabolisms, and many older men find they are rarely hungry.

An active lifestyle can make it even harder to gain weight. CB-1 works fast and is proven to be effective in increasing body weight for men while simultaneously supporting gains in muscle mass and strength when paired with weight training and strength programs.


Many sports including football, rugby, baseball, MMA, boxing, and powerlifting have a range of weight that is ideal to competing optimally in the sport, and having enough body weight is extremely important to the safety of the athlete. However, athletes are often not allowed to turn to other sources because they contain steroids or other banned substances. CB-1 is safe, fast, and effective for athletes needing to put on weight because of its all-natural blend and proven effectiveness.


Seniors face a number of other challenges when it comes to remaining a healthy weight, whether due to age or side effects from medication. CB-1 attacks those appetite problems from the source by supporting increased appetite and promoting weight gain. 

Benefits of CB-1

So many weight gain pills on the market are simply multi vitamins while others make the user temporarily gain water weight only to find that it’s quickly lost. CB-1 is different and it has many benefits, including:

  • Successfully helps users gain weight
  • Promotes maintaining a healthy weight
  • Blend of all-natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals
  • No drugs or harmful chemicals
  • For users of all ages and genders 

CB-1 is so sure that this product will assist users in gaining weight that the supplement comes with a full 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

The Verdict

Gaining weight can be extremely difficult, especially if someone struggles with a lack of appetite or has a fast metabolism. Oftentimes it’s difficult or even impossible to put on weight by increasing protein and calories alone. In those circumstances when health is at risk because of a low body weight, and it’s too difficult, or takes too long to put on weight with a caloric increase, CB-1 has user’s backs. The safe and effective supplement is easy to use, especially with the accompanying Weight Gain Guidebook that comes with any CB-1 purchase. The support system and expertise behind the CB-1 supplement is sure to help those individuals struggling with weight gain to achieve their body weight goals. The supplement is easy to purchase online at https://www.cb1weightgainer.com/order, or over the phone at (888) 528-5551.