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Medifast is the fastest growing diet program in the US right now. It’s hard to find the right place to buy so that you don’t get ripped off and to make sure you get the right stuff.

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It’s been hard to purchase diet plans like this because of the distribution systems of these companies. Programs like Nutrisystem, Bistro MD and especially Medifast isn’t easy to get a hold of. Getting the right food to many different people can prove a challenge for companies like this.

Medifast is a dependable company when it comes to having your food, healthy shakes, and snacks delivered on time. They have the highest ratings for fastest shipping and reliability. Even if you only miss 1 day of your diet, it could throw you off track so much that you may never recover. This is why it is super important to go with reliable delivery and distribution system like this company has.


There are 5 ways that you can get your hands on Medifast food. 

Medifast Food Reviews: Meals and Shakes Options

Losing weight is the main concern for many across the nation but how you lose weight varies and some methods show little to no results. The solution seems easy when it’s put on paper: eat healthier, work out more, shed those pounds. In reality, it’s a lot more complicated.

Medifast Before and After Customer

Breaking habits are hard and some of the best tasting food is also hindering the process but it’s Kemore readily available than healthier options. Many people also have jobs that keep them on their feet all day and the easiest option is to stop by a fast food joint for a quick bite. While to some these factors seem like excuses, they are valid reasons that people struggle to lose weight.

A popular method for losing weight is fad diets that promise dramatic results in a short time. If you’re busy these diets seem like the perfect solution. These diets often only last for weeks, just the amount of time to lose the weight. The biggest problem with these diets is that they don’t teach the users a way to consistently keep off the weight they’ve lost after the diet is done. These diets also often restrict the user’s consumption of food to the extreme having them only eat one type of food or taking a specific amount of bites per meal. They can be dangerous and the likelihood that you’ll gain the weight back is high.

So how then can someone who’s struggling to start on their path to healthier living actually get started? Medifast is one solution that you can look into. Medifast was developed by a physician back in 1980 and has been endorsed by many doctors since. It’s praised for providing a food plan that helps you lose weight while also teaching you how to sustain your healthy eating after you decide you’re done with their program. There are many options and products that Medifast offers to accommodate for different lifestyles and different people. Here’s a full review of their programs and whether they’re right for you.

Medifast Go!

Medifast Go promises to deliver fast weight loss results in an effective matter and is clinically proven. Each meal in their offered kits provides balanced nutrition with a focus on protein as it helps you burn fat. They offer a 14-day kit as well as a-30 day kit. The 14-day kit will be discussed later on. The 30-day kit has an astounding 147 Medifast Meals that include all kinds of breakfast, dessert, snack, and dinner options. It also comes with 1 Lean and Green meal, which allows you to make a meal of your own with healthy ingredients with a focus on protein and greens. The options are delicious, and the kit is priced at $329. The kit comes with four free bonus gifts including a welcome kit, a food journal, a dining out guide, and a blender bottle for your shakes. 

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  • Weight Loss. The plans offered by Medifast Go are calorie-restricted which allows for quick weight loss to happen. It advises that you do six small portion meals throughout the day and you’ll intake between 800 to 1000 calories.
  • Easy to Follow. All of your meals are planned out for you. You don’t have to carefully measure out what you eat at each meal has similar calorie counts, you just need to eat six meals spaced out throughout the day.
  • Perfect for Busy People. The Medifast Go plans are perfect for people who are looking for a quick guide to lose fat quickly.


  • The cost seems pretty steep especially for those buying the 30-day kit. Unless you eat out often on your regular meal plan, the $300 dollars you spend won’t be worth it.
  • 147 meals seem like it’ll be enough variety to get you through the 30 days. You’ll have 24 combinations you can make with your meal choices throughout the day but there will be some overlap. For those who want to try different foods on their plan, this is not the plan for you.

 Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages of having a Medifast Go kit are you’ll have a meal-plan based weight loss program, meals that are healthy and pre-prepared, and a Medifast guide that’ll help you keep the weight off. The disadvantages include the time it takes to adjust to the plan. Going from your regular intake of calories to the Medifast intake will take time but if you slowly reduce your intake before receiving the kit, it’ll be easier to adjust.

Who Should Use This Plan? 

These kits are perfect for the person on the go who strictly is interested in losing weight in a quick amount of time. It’s perfect for people who end up eating out quite a lot and those who don’t wish to cook. 


Medifast Flex

Medifast Flex is the second program that Medifast offers that include nutritionally balanced meals while you lose weight. The Flex kits are geared more towards people who want to lose weight gradually. You can order these from the Medifast website. They offer a 14-day trial kit, a 30-day select kit, and a 30-day complete kit. The 30-day select kit comes with 126 meals and so does the complete kit. These kits also come with microwavable meals. The select kit comes with 9 meals for these Flavors of Homes and 12 meals come with the complete kit. The two kits come with 2 Lean and Green meals for you to make and a healthy snack that isn’t a part of the program. Each kit comes with free gifts as well. The 14-day trial kit will be discussed in detail a little later on. The select kit is $299 and the complete kit is $399.

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  • Safe and Steady. These clean, portion controlled meals will help you lose weight quite quickly but in a safe manner and consistently.
  • With this program, you have the freedom to make two meals and a snack for yourself. They give you a list of food that will work for these categories but leave it to you to make something you’ll enjoy.
  • Besides offering microwavable meals, the kits have different meals that they give. Plus, you also have the two meals and a snack that you get to make yourself, adding to the variety available to you.


  • As with the Medifast Go, the prices for the Flex kits are pretty expensive. The complete kits cost $300 to $400 which are more than most people spend when they eat out often.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages of having a Medifast Flex kit include the meals that they offer being calorie controlled. Besides teaching you about healthy eating, they allow you to practice with it with the two meals that you make on your own. Their meals are pre-prepared and healthy. The gifts included are designed to help you keep the weight off. The disadvantages that are associated with the Flex plan include the adjustment time to the plan. You’ll be going from your regular intake of calories to 800 to 1000. It can be tough for many but if you prepare for the adjustment before getting your kit, you’ll struggle less.

Who Should Use This Plan?

These kits are perfect for the person who is busy but also has time to learn and wants to lose weight in a steady amount of time. It’s also perfect for people who end up eating out quite a lot. If you’re interested in learning new healthy recipes for your two meals, this plan is perfect for you.


Thrive Healthy Living Plan

Medifast’s Thrive Healthy Living Plan is designed to help you take pride in the things you’ve accomplished. You’re feeling confident with your new weight, energy, and appearance but you’re worried that you won’t keep the weight off. Thrive is there to help you if you sustain your efforts in losing weight. You can continue with the hard work if you’re not feeling comfortable keeping the healthy lifestyle going on your own. The moment you achieve your goals with weight loss, you then acknowledge it before rewarding yourself and then find a routine that will sustain your new healthy living style.

It’s a great step after you’ve finished one of the kits from Medifast as repeating the same process when you want to sustain the diet can result in the effects being reversed. It can result in too much weight loss that can result in being dangerously unhealthy and too skinny.

The Thrive Healthy Living Meal Plan offered by Medifast consists of three meals by Medifast; two Lean & Green Plus Meals (the meals that you make) and one balanced meal.  You can order it on the Medifast website. It has been designed to keep the weight you’ve reached consistent while you still enjoy delicious and satisfying meals. The price for Thrive varies as you get to choose the meals you get so it can vary greatly.


  • Keep Off The Weight. The Thrive plan is intended completely for to maintaining the weight you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
  • It Will Fill You Up. This plan offers more calorie intake than the other plans so it ensures that it’s more filling for those who use it. The meals offered are prepared with nutrition as the main concern. The meals have high fiber content. They’re a great source of protein. They’re also low in fat. After you’ve stuck with the program, you’ll have lost weight while not being forced to eat flavorless and bland meals.
  • It’s Simple. The plan consists of three healthy fuelings by Medifast, two meals you make for yourself, and one balanced meal. You don’t have to worry about figuring out the calorie count yourself or even making most of the food (unless you want to).
  • It’s Safe. There’s no aspect of fad dieting with Medifast. It’s all about losing the weight in a healthy way.


  • It Doesn’t Cater To People With Dietary Restrictions. The Medifast programs overall don’t have many options for people who have dietary restrictions. If you’re vegetarian, gluten-free, or anything else like that you’ll have a hard time finding something with their Go, Flex, or Thrive plan. They do have special plans aimed for those people though under their special diets category.
  • Effectively Losing Weight Is More Than Just Diet. To effectively lose weight and keep it off, you have to exercise. Healthy living alone will not facilitate a healthy

 Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages of having a Medifast Thrive Healthy Living plan are that the meals are all healthy and well-balanced but provide your input into what you’re eating. It continues you the healthy lifestyle you’ve developed with the other program you’ve used. You also get to choose home many meals from Medifast you get so you can control the price a little more.

The disadvantages that are associated with the Thrive plan include putting off personal responsibility. While it does help you stay on the healthy journey, you might become reliant on using the program. It’s important to make health decisions in your own life instead of relying on a program such as this. Us this as a tool to step up, not as a crutch.

Who Should Use This Plan?

This plan is designed specifically for those who have already the weight they’ve desired but want to keep up the healthy lifestyle with the help of Medifast. The target audience is for both the audience of Medifast Go and Medifast Flex as it’s intended to be used after the completion of either kit.


14-Day Trial Kits

The 14-day trial kits are samples of how each kit is supposed to work but in a compact amount of time. There are 14-day trials for both the Medifast Go and the Medifast Flex. The 14-day kit for Medifast Go has an assortment of 70 different Medifast Meals. These meals include shakes, sweet snacks, soups, pasta, and potatoes. The trial kit for the Go plan is priced at $149 and you can order it here.

The trial plan for Medifast Flex is the other 14-day trial kit offer. This 14-day kit comes with 56 meals in it that are just as varied as the ones offered with Medifast Go. This trial kit comes with five gifts with the first four being the same as the one offered with Medifast Go and the fifth option being a surprise. This meal kit is also priced at $149.


  • A Taste of Medifast. If you’re unsure whether you’d like the meals or you’re skeptical about the effectiveness of the process, then the trial kits are the perfect solution. They give you a proper taste of what you’ll get with a full kit as well as giving you a glimpse of how the fat burning process works.
  • More Benefits, Less Price. Two weeks of food is plenty of time to start seeing some results from your diet without paying the $300+ price tag.


  • The Kits Aren’t That Different. The two are priced that same and essentially offer the same meals but the Flex plan offers 14 meals less than the Go plan. The Flex plan does come with an extra surprise gift but it might not be worth it. It’s all about choosing what you want though it seems there doesn’t need to be two trial

Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages of the 14-day trial kits are that they give you an honest view of what you can expect. The meals you get are just as good as the ones offered in the actual kits. The disadvantages include the price still being a little steep. While you might want to try Medifast before you purchase it $149 is still kind of high. It’s more reasonable than the other kits but still costly. 

Who Should Use This Plan?

This plan for 14 days is the perfect solution for those who are unsure. People who are unsure of whether they want to do this type of program. People who are unsure if they can fit the whole schedule for eating into their busy lives. Mostly it’s for people who are unsure if it actually works.

The Money Back Guarantee They Have

The good thing is, the company has a money back guarantee, so even if you don’t like it, you can get your money back. This means there is virtually no risk when buying and you can just ask to get your money back if it doesn’t work out

How Effective is Medifast for Losing Weight?

The plans that Medifast offer are extremely effective in losing weight. Each plan is based on a calorie-restricted diet, eating below your need calorie intake is an effective way to burn fat. Many people have reported great success with Medifast programs, noting that the key is simply sticking to the program that’s given. It also is a safe alternative to fad diets that also claim to help you lose weight quickly. 

Exactly Where To Buy Medifast Online:

Medifast is a great option for people who have trouble losing weight on their own and are looking for a safe way to effectively shed those pounds. It’s also perfect for those who don’t like to cook or are simply too busy. Almost all of the meals are pre-made and are packed with the nutritions you need. It can also assist you in sustaining the goals you have met through a variety of resources.

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You can find out where to buy Medifast online on another page on our site or you can click one of the links above. We are getting things together for you in order to lose weight and feel great very soon!